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5 Tips on How to Properly Clean Leather and Suede

5 Tips on How to Properly Clean Leather and Suede

Properly Clean Leather and Suede
12 Dec

5 Tips on How to Properly Clean Leather and Suede

Suede and leather are expensive materials. So, buying shoes and clothes made with these materials can certainly burn a hole in your pocket. Since you pay good money for these items, it is understandable that you want to keep them in good shape.

tips to clean suede and leatherBut most people today are afraid to clean their leather and suede shoes out of the fear that they may end up ruining the soft and pleasant texture. It is true, you have to be extra careful when cleaning them, particularly when they are wet.

Leather and suede shoes are more prone to stains, scratches and scruffs. But you can ensure longevity and good condition of these beautiful shoes by following these few tips to clean suede and leather.

Stuff The Shoes First

Stuffing the shoes with newspapers is important especially in the toe area so that they do not lose shape over time.

Brush Away The Dirt

Using a suede and leather cleaning brush, gently brush away all the mud and dirt trapped on the surface of your shoes. Don’t brush with a back and forth motion, instead, follow the direction of the fibers.

If the stains are stubborn and don’t come off easily, scrub that part more vigorously irrespective of the direction.

For Blemishes And Scuff Marks

Blemishes And Scuff MarksSome blemishes and scuff marks are hard to remove with a cleaning brush. So, you can use a suede eraser, a crepe paper, or a rubber cleaning stone to rub over those areas.

You can even use an emery board to scrape that part.

Use A Nylon Brush

Once done, lift the nap using nylon brush and brush over the leather and suede. If the nap isn’t in good condition, make sure to clean the centre wire bristles of the brush firmly before you use the nylon brush.

Never Use Water

Water is an enemy of both suede and leather. Avoid the temptation to use damp cleaning clothe. Use a dry towel instead to rub the dirt off your shoes.

Keep Them Safe

Now that you are done, remove the newspaper and keep the shoes safely. In case you wear these shoes regularly, wrap them up in a tissue paper and put them in the shoe box.

Give Them To A Professional For The Perfect Shine

If you really love your shoes, for the perfect shine, always give them to shoe repair and shine professionals. They use superior quality products to preserve the charming look of your shoes.

At Imperial Valet Sterling Cleaners, we offer the best suede and leather cleaning services in town. We use high quality products to preserve the charming look of your shoes.

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