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4 Facts About Dry Cleaning You Probably Didn’t Know

4 Facts About Dry Cleaning You Probably Didn’t Know

5 May

4 Facts About Dry Cleaning You Probably Didn’t Know

Did you know that there are 28,592 dry-cleaning businesses in the United States? Dry cleaning is often used for fabrics such as velvets, silks, and wool to clean them without any damage. But there is a lot that we don’t know about dry cleaning services in DC.

Here are some interesting facts about dry cleaning services in DC you didn’t know about.


Dry Cleaning Isn’t All That ‘Dry’

When we think of the term dry cleaning, we assume that this form of garment cleaning would not use water. The solvent used in dry cleaning includes perchloroethylene (PERC), hydrocarbon, and liquid carbon dioxide. These liquids can dissolve a myriad of stains and remove impurities without damaging fabrics. All of this is done without using water.


Dry Cleaning Has Been Around For Over a Century

Dry cleaning is not a modern technique. The art of cleaning clothing items without using water has been around since the mid-19th century. The use of dry cleaning for delicate fabrics was common, as lots of people used silk and velvet.

The use of dry cleaning began with petroleum-based solvents, and then this method became more advanced when the use of PERC, and other solvents was identified. Today dry cleaning services in DC have become more evolved, ensuring that the garment industry offers preservation and specialized cleaning of a wide range of fabrics.


Dry Cleaning Extends The Lifespan Of Your Clothes

Another common fact about dry cleaning services that many don’t know about is that dry cleaning your clothes extends their lifetime. Clothes such as silk and wool are quite expensive, and most people dry clean them to avoid damaging the fabric.

But you can also ensure that your clothing item remains in the best condition with dry cleaning, as there is little to no agitation, and the gentle solvents are known not to shrink and discolor items.


Dry Cleaning Is Effective For Removing Odors

Stubborn clothing odor is a common issue. There are chances that your jackets smell of smoke even after you have machine washed them. The way to eliminate these smells is to dry clean the items. Specialized cleaning solvents in dry cleaning can eliminate body odor from clothes.


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Professional dry cleaners in DC often use advanced equipment to ensure their customers get the best results. If you’re looking for a company that uses temperature control and solvent filtration to give your garments optimal care, Imperial Valet Services Inc is the right fit for you. We provide a wide range of cleaning services that ensures your garments are efficiently cleaned.

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