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3 Ways to Take Care of and Clean Your Leather Jacket

3 Ways to Take Care of and Clean Your Leather Jacket

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3 Mar

3 Ways to Take Care of and Clean Your Leather Jacket

Leather is one of the most durable fabrics and lasts long with a bit of maintenance and care. People don’t often buy genuine leather clothes, but they cherish them whenever someone buys a leather good.

Genuine leather jackets are fashionable and feature a range of different looks. While the styles might change, leather clothes always stay in trend. Since they are on the pricier end, you must take care of leather accessories and clothing to make sure they last long. Below are some helpful ways to maintain your leather jacket;

1. Know the Type of Your Leather Jacket Material

The material and type of leather determines which cleaning technique is better for your cloth. For instance, finished leather contains a protective coating, a small amount of saddle soap can clean your jacket. However, if you’re unsure what type of leather you have or how it will react with any technique, you can always hire a professional dry cleaner service like ours.

2. Tough Stain on Leather Are Hard to Remove

Some stains are tricky to get rid of by soapy water; you can consider other products too. For liquid stains, you can treat them with a soft cloth to remove moisture. Makeup, ink, and grease stains are easy to get rid of with the spot-cleaning technique. When using cleaning sprays, consider doing a spot test on a piece of another leather fabric. Spraying directly on leather can damage its surface. Instead of rubbing, blot with a dry cloth, or else it can leave water stains.

3. Protect and Store Your Leather Goods Properly

While dust particles affect your physical health, do you know they can also affect the life of your leather jacket? The best way to protect leather goods from dust and pollution would be to wipe away grime and dirt regularly. Some leather jackets are waterproof while others are not, and for water-resistance you can always use wax.

Moreover, consider storing your leather jacket in a dry and dark place when not wearing it. Doing so can keep it from discoloration, and minimize risks of mildew.

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Final Takeaway

Nowadays, you will find various leather cleaning products in the market. But do you know which one is suitable for your jacket? Don’t buy any product on your own unless you’re a professional, or else you can end up damaging your clothes.

Even with a busy schedule with a tough job, no one has the time to take care and clean their leather jackets. As a professional dry cleaning service provider in DC, we understand your concerns. Imperial Valet has been offering reliable dry cleaning services for the past 80 years. Don’t worry, our expert suede and leather cleaning service can take care of your leather jacket.

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