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3 Tips To Make Laundry Less Of A Hassle

3 Tips To Make Laundry Less Of A Hassle

8 Aug

3 Tips To Make Laundry Less Of A Hassle

Doing your laundry and dry cleaning requires much more than throwing it in the machine. From sorting your whites to using the right detergent, making sure your clothes don’t come out all shrunk, a lot goes into the process. This can make it the most tedious and least favorite task on our daily to-do list.

But what if we were to tell you that with only a few tips, you can transform this task into an enjoyable one that consumes less time and energy? Try these three tips out yourself if you don’t believe us!


1. Chalk For Greasy Stains

Greasy and oily stains can be the hardest to come out. But fear not, because chalk will make your life a lot easier. It has ultra-absorbent properties that make the oily stain go away in no time. Just rub a piece of chalk into the stain half an hour before you have to put your clothes in the washer. You’ll have stain-free clothes in just one wash.


2. The Sock Dilemma

Wearing a mismatched pair of socks because you lost one or the other during your laundry is the oldest story in the world. It’s time to change that. Invest in a mesh bag. Keep it purely for laundry use. Just toss your socks inside the mesh bag during your laundry, and you will never lose a sock in the heap of clothes again.


3. Wrinkle Free Clothes

Ironing is another chore on our to-do list that most of us dread. But there’s a way to make your clothes come out wrinkle-free out of the drier, so you won’t have to put a lot of time and energy into ironing afterward.

All you have to do is put a few ice cubes in the drier along with your clothes and put the setting on hottest. The ice cubes will melt, creating steam. As a result, you’ll have wrinkle-free clothes.

Give these hacks a try, and you’ll thank us for hassle-free laundry.


Socks and a jumper hanging on a wire for drying

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