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Laundry Issues—Dealing With Shirts

Laundry Issues—Dealing With Shirts

Laundry Issues
10 Oct

Laundry Issues—Dealing With Shirts

How many times have you chucked clothes inside the washing machine without separating items color-wise?

Washing laundry isn’t as easy as you see in most stock pictures. You can end up with faded, wrinkled, or generally ruined clothing items.

Washing shirts is even more difficult considering how people place their work shirts with casuals, not caring about the color or fabric. What are the main issues people face when washing their shirts at home?

Poor Stain Removal Results 

Take out badly worn shirts from the washing machine and sometimes you’ll notice stains are still on the piece of clothing. No amount of washing or cleaning gets rid of these horrible and unsightly stains. Why does this happen?

There are a lot of reasons why old stains don’t seem to disappear even after washing your shirt multiple times!

  • Not treating stains immediately
  • Overfilling machine with too much laundry and less detergent
  • Washing on a gentle cycle and/or at the wrong temperature

Shirts That Bleed Color or Fade

Shirts That Bleed Color or FadeThis happens a lot primarily because people don’t place their shirts inside the washing machine according to color. As a rule, white colored clothing shouldn’t be placed with colored items. Aside from this reason, shirts bleed color or fade due to the following:

  • Colors bleed if wash temperature is too hot
  • Certain dyes can also bleed in very cold water
  • The garment has unstable dyes that need special care

Sometimes shirt garments begin to look old after being rubbed off or scratched by friction during washing and wearing.

Underarm Yellow Stains

A sweat-soaked shirt can eventually turn into a stained shirt if perspiration isn’t washed out off the shirt. This also weakens fabric which in turn cases more damage to the shirt during washing.

Some people cannot help but produce more sweat. Antiperspirants are used in excess to combat sweating which can weaken underarm fibers due to chemicals.

Another issue is appearance of localized tears or holes near the underarm area of natural blends or fiber shirts.

Shrinking Feeling after a Few Washes 

Feeling hot under the collar? The weather outside has nothing to do with this feeling. Either your tie is tied too tight or your shirt has shrunk.

Manufacturers usually allow for 2% shrinkage when mass producing ready-to-wear shirts. This is why all shirts begin to shrink over several washes. Even better quality shirts face the same fate when it comes to DIY washing.

Are you tired of buying dress shirts for work only to see them damaged after several washes in your washer and dryer unit? Walk out of this cycle by giving your formal shirts to Imperial Valet!

We offer professional laundry wash and fold as well as dry cleaning services.

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