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What You Should Do About Summertime Grass Stains

What You Should Do About Summertime Grass Stains

Summertime Grass Stains
5 May

What You Should Do About Summertime Grass Stains

Summer’s just around the corner, and with all the barbeques at the park you’ll be going to, you’re bound to get grass stains on at least one article of clothing. Grass stains can seem immovable, but we promise you that they’re not. Here’s how you can get grass stains off different clothing items.

Grass stains on T-shirts

In general, it’s a good idea to soak any grass-stained clothing items in cold water before using detergents or solvents. If you want to remove grass stains from an everyday garment, such as t-shirts or khaki pants, follow these steps:

  • Make a solution using one part white vinegar and two parts water. Soak the stain in this solution.
  • Using a clean rag, dab at the stain gently.
  • Use a detergent that contains enzymes to wash the garment, and leave it to air dry.

Grass stains on jeans

The time it’ll take to return your jeans to a stain-free state depends on how long the grass stain has been on your jeans. If the grass stain is new and hasn’t set in yet, follow these steps:

  • Submerge the stain in rubbing alcohol and leave it to dry.
  • After your jeans are dry, rinse them with cool water.
  • Rub liquid detergent into the grass-stained portion of your jeans for a minimum of five minutes.
  • Rinse the jeans with cold water, and leave them to air dry.

For jeans that have older grass stains, a little bit of toothpaste will do the trick. Simply squeeze some toothpaste onto the grass stain and rub it in gently. It might take a while and a few tries, but it’ll work.

Grass stains on shoes

Grass stains are the natural enemy of light-colored fabric footwear. However, they’re not as difficult to get rid of as you might believe. If you’ve got grass stains on your favorite tennis shoes, here’s what you should do:

  • Wipe the shoe clean with a damp cloth. This will also get rid of any debris that was on it.
  • Make a solution that’s one fourth laundry detergent and three fourths water. Soak the stain in this solution.
  • Scrub at the stain gently using an old toothbrush.
  • If the stain hasn’t disappeared yet, try applying some white vinegar to it.
  • Wipe the shoe using a dry, clean cloth.

These methods are great for everyday clothes and shoes, but if you’ve got grass stains on a summer dress or a pair of dress pants, you should get them dry cleaned. DIY cleaning could damage expensive clothes.

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