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Tuxedo Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts

Tuxedo Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts

A young man sitting on a stool wearing a tuxedo
10 Oct

Tuxedo Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts

Everybody loves a black-tie affair: the bespoke theme, evening dresses, and tuxedos! Men, it is the perfect occasion to show off that crisp tuxedo jacket. This elegant attire has come a long way over the years.

In this post, we will look at some tuxedo do’s and don’ts for gentlemen considering wearing one for an upcoming event. Remember to make a quick run to your local dry cleaning service so you can get rid of any stains or dirt before we begin!


When to Wear A Tuxedo


Tuxedos are meant to be worn during the evening only. Originally, they were meant to achieve an elegant evening look for men for social events, leaving behind morning work attire. A high social inclination and a fresh, clean look are the epitomai of choosing this suit type. Before WWII, tails and tuxedos were the only appropriate way to dress for social gatherings.



If you are planning on attending a daytime event in a tuxedo, you might want to rethink your decision. Tuxedo etiquette experts discourage putting on the suit before 6 pm. Only diplomats and servers should wear tuxedos during the day.


Where to Wear A Tuxedo


Tuxedos are ideal for weddings. Any invitation that says ‘black tie’ for a dress code means wear a tuxedo. Here are some events where wearing a tux is implied:

  • Theatre and Opera
  • Private parties and exclusive social events
  • Late afternoon weddings
  • Prom



Tuxedos are to be worn at formal events only. Unless mentioned otherwise, honor your tuxedo by only wearing it at the appropriate events.

 A man posing for a photo wearing a tuxedo

How to Wear A Tuxedo


Below are some rules to properly put on a tuxedo.

  • Choose a single-breasted jacket without any back slits. Tuxedo jackets also have a single button on them and have welt pockets.
  • Get adaptable lapels. You can either choose between a shawl or peaked lapels for your jacket.
  • Pick any of the three acceptable tuxedo colors. Tuxedo jackets can only be black, blue, or ivory. While there is no other alternative for a classy black jacket, a blue tone is more modern, while an ivory jacket is a preferred choice for summertime events.
  • Pair with only a white shirt. When wearing a tuxedo, a white shirt should be your only option. To properly adjust the black bow, your shirt must have a wingtip collar characterized by front wings.
  • Double up your cuffs for cufflinks.
  • Select only a black silk bow tie.
  • Choose trousers with braces. The most appropriate choice is white or black braces in fabric, ideally those that match the tuxedo color.



  • Double-breasted jackets.
  • Choose a color other than black, blue, and ivory for the tux.
  • Opt for trousers with pleats or lapels.
  • Pick a colored inner shirt.


These simple tips will help you steal the show at any party. Remember to keep it simple with the colors and pay attention to the details to honor your tuxedo the way it deserves.

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