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Traditional Vs. Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning

Traditional Vs. Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning

5 May

Traditional Vs. Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning

Humanity is progressing toward greener earth after the devastating effects of environmental toxins started to show adverse effects on all Biosystems. The use of organic products and eco-friendly machinery have replaced conventional toxic and hazardous products.

The dry-cleaning sector has also adopted eco-friendly ways to clean fabrics and other materials. Some people believe that eco-friendly dry cleaning is not as effective as traditional dry cleaning. Let’s compare traditional dry cleaning methods and procedures with eco-friendly dry cleaning for a better understanding:


Use of Chemicals

Traditional dry cleaning methods use chemicals to clean clothes. These chemicals are toxic and potentially hazardous to the environment. Moreover, prolonged direct exposure to these chemicals may lead to several medical conditions in employees.

Eco-friendly dry cleaning methods use silicone-based liquids that are non-toxic. Liquid silicone is safe to use and does not pose any danger to the environment, people, and animals.


Energy Consumption

Traditional dry cleaners use conventional machines for dry cleaning. These machines are not energy-efficient, and the old mechanism of these machines produces emissions that cause air and noise pollution.

When a dry cleaner goes eco-friendly, they ensure that each wash is environmental-friendly. And for this reason, they use energy-efficient machines will low emissions and little or no pollutants.


Cleaning Quality

Some people believe that eco-friendly cleaning products lack cleaning power. However, this is not true! Liquid silicone used in eco-friendly dry cleaning products is more capable of fighting tough stains. People who have experienced eco-friendly dry cleaning advocate its cleaning power.


Cloth Quality and Softness

Traditional dry cleaning leaves the clothes stiff and uncomfortable, whereas eco-friendly dry cleaning gives clothes a smooth and soft texture and preserves their color. You can feel the difference between these two methods with a simple touch on the cloth.


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Packaging of Dry-cleaned Items

Tradition dry cleaners will wrap your clothes in plastic bags. The dangers of plastic bags are not a secret anymore. While the majority of commercial businesses have stopped using plastic bags, you will still find many traditional dry cleaners using it across the US.

Eco-friendly dry cleaners utilize reusable garment bags that are not harmful to the environment.


Dry Cleaning Cost

There is not much of a difference between the cost of traditional vs. eco-friendly dry cleaning. Eco-friendly dry cleaning is nearly as affordable as traditional dry cleaning. You might feel that eco-friendly dry cleaning charges a little extra, but the benefits you get are worth the price difference.


Make Your Choice Wisely

Eco-friendly dry cleaning is quickly replacing the traditional methods. You need to consider each factor before choosing between traditional and eco-friendly dry cleaning.

At Sterling Cleaners, our experienced team is devoted to providing eco-friendly dry cleaning services to our valuable customers. We serve our clients with professional dry cleaning and alterations in Washington DC. We also offer domestic and commercial laundry services with free laundry pickup and delivery in DC.

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