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Traditional Versus Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning

Traditional Versus Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning

4 Apr

Traditional Versus Eco-friendly Dry Cleaning

Are you one of those people who hate laundry day and would do anything to put it off? Would you rather drop off everything at the eco-friendly dry-cleaning service like Imperial Valet Sterling Cleaner dry cleaning services for our eco-friendly dry cleaning and opt for their wash and fold services-pick-up and delivery just to avoid the hassle?

That’s great! Because it has taken us a century to get where we are today and opting for the right eco-friendly dry cleaning is important.

Here is how far we have come when it comes to laundry:


History Of Laundry

Ever since the dawn of man, and the discovery of clothes, man has been using water to do their laundry. The definition of clean back in the stone age was probably different from what it is today.

Before detergent became a household item, women used to wash clothes at river banks. River washing, as it was known, was when women from lower working-class backgrounds and female laundry workers took piles of clothes to the river early morning to wash them.

You’ve probably seen the paintings of these women sitting on rocks by the riverside with their bats and paddles.

The clothes were soaked at night and taken to the river the next morning. This practice went on well into the 19th century or longer in rural areas.

Eventually, the water became accessible at homes, and the process was shifted to homes where again, women soaked the clothes overnight, then boiled them in hot water and scrubbed and starched them,



Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Services Today:

Today, we have automatic laundry machines at home and access to eco-friendly dry cleaners.

Here’s why you need to switch from traditional to green eco-friendly cleaners

No Harsh Chemicals

Like the beating the clothes on the river rocks, traditional dry cleaning contains harsh chemicals that damage the clothes and the environment

The harsh chemicals and solvents like Perc used in traditional dry cleaning damage the fabric and remain in the material after the wash, exposing our skin to toxins.



Green Eco-Friendly Cleaners

We’ve come a long way when it comes to laundry. When people washed clothes at the riverside, it led to a spread of disease because germs and bacteria were passed downstream toward other people doing their laundry. Likewise, traditional laundry today results in the spreading of toxins in the environment.

Solvents like bleach end up in the waterways and soil and pollute not just our waterways through microfiber pollution but cause havoc on the environment by damaging delicate ecosystems and depleting the ozone.



The Baking Soda Of Dry Cleaning

But can it give the same results? Just like adding baking soda or vinegar to your load is an effective and inexpensive way to remove mildew odors and soften fabrics, eco-friendly dry cleaning also uses organic solvents to get the same results as traditional dry cleaning without damaging the environment.

At Imperial Valet Sterling Cleaners, we have been in the business of dry cleaning for over 80 years. We’ve seen it all, and we love offering eco-friendly dry-cleaning services to our clients.

We serve the greater DC Metropolitan area with quick, reliable, and professional dry cleaning and tailoring, including wash and fold services-pick-up and delivery.



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