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Tips To Make Your Clothes Last Longer!

Tips To Make Your Clothes Last Longer!

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8 Aug

Tips To Make Your Clothes Last Longer!

Whether you are a complete shopaholic or rarely pay attention to the latest clothing designs, there is a good chance that you spend more than you anticipate on your clothes. When it comes to kids, they outgrow their outfits fairly quickly; however, most of us adults hold on to our clothes until they are so worn out that they’re not presentable anymore.

As long lasting clothes mean money in your wallet, you should do everything it takes to care for them. Obviously, it might require changing a few habits, but you don’t need to spend big on off-the-shelf fabric care products:

Pay Special Attention To Laundering

The tag on your shirt is not really for decoration. It instructs you precisely on all that you can do to take care of your clothes. At the same time, if you hate hand washing, make sure you buy clothes that don’t require special care.

Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when you are doing your laundry:

  • Wash metals separately – Wash clothing with metal zippers, buttons and accessories separately as they can become scorching hot in the dyer eventually melting onto other clothes.
  • Wash dark clothes inside out – Always wash darker clothes inside out as they may rub against other clothes and fade excessively.
  • Wash them less – The washing process is designed to be tough on clothes. Tumbling, rubbing, and coming in contact with other clothes can leave your garments damaged through frequent washing. Wash as less as you can.

Iron With Care

When you iron, you are heating fabric to loosen it up and press it flat. You can easily burn or discolor your clothes during the process. The best way to avoid iron damage is to consult the manufacturer specifications on the tag before proceeding. Also consider investing in a steamer to heat out the wrinkles.

pressStore Them The Right Way

Whether you use a shelf or a closet, the way you store your clothes can have a dramatic impact on its lifespan. Make sure that you give them some room to breathe. Don’t squish clothes together. Also, excessive heat and moisture can also destroy your clothes. Always focus on maintaining a cool and dry closet.

Choose Reliable Dry Cleaning Services

The easiest way to take care of your clothes is to send them over for a professional dry cleaning every now and then. Dry cleaners are well aware of the various procedures to take care of different types of fabrics. The cleaning procedures are customized for each type of clothing to remove all stains, and retain its originality.

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