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Tips for Keeping Your Shoes Shining As If They Are New

Tips for Keeping Your Shoes Shining As If They Are New

A man polishing their boots
5 May

Tips for Keeping Your Shoes Shining As If They Are New

No matter how expensive shoes you get for yourself, it’s inevitable that they’ll be exposed to dirt and dust and get worn out with time. Wearing worn-out shoes to work can affect your personality and cause embarrassment. However, with some care and maintenance, you can also keep your boots shining and make them look as if they’re still new. This blog post will highlight some valuable tips that can help you keep your shoes shining.

Material Matters

When you’re buying your shoes, pay close attention to the quality of the material. Not every shoe that looks good in the shop is worth buying. Don’t go after cheap shoes that are available at extraordinary discounts. Instead, try investing in slightly expensive shoes because they will not only look better on your feet but will also last longer. Ideally, you should look for 100% leather shoes. They might be expensive but are definitely worth the price.

Keep Weather-Treating Them

To keep your shoes safe from major damage, it’s important that you keep weather-treating them regularly. The changing weather conditions, dust, and other impurities can affect not just their appearance but also their material. However, investing in a commercial water-based stain as well as a water repellant for your shoes can make them last longer. No matter how expensive your shoes might be, water can completely damage them. It is better not to wear the most expensive pair of shoes outside when it’s raining, or when you expect it to rain.

Cedar Tree Shoes

Do you know that the moisture released from your feet when they sweat inside the shoes can damage the shoe internally? However, using cedar tree shoes can not only prevent these shoes from damage but also keep the embarrassing boot smell away.

Use A Professional Boot Cleaning Service

If you don’t have the time and knowledge needed to take care of your boots, then hiring a professional service can also help. Professional leather boot cleaners can take care of your shoes without any hassle. They know what substances should be used to keep your boots shining even after being worn for so long. At Imperial Valet, we can take care of your expensive shoes and keep them neat and clean for you. After wearing your shoes for the entire week, reach out to us to get them cleaned and polished over the weekend.

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