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The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Tricky Cloth Items Clean

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Tricky Cloth Items Clean

Tricky Cloth Items Clean
7 Jul

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Tricky Cloth Items Clean

Clothing items made of fabrics such as silk, leather, and suede are challenging to clean. You can’t chuck them in the washer and use harsh detergents. They come with their own set of instructions and are tricky to wash.

With the following tried and tested tips, you can keep your dear belongings safe and clean. Here’s how you should deal with tricky clothing:


Due to its luxurious feel, silk has been considered a beautiful and delicate material throughout the decades. Ironing and chemical cleaners can ruin the intricate fabric of your silk pillows, dresses, ties, and scarfs.

Protect your silk clothing by keeping it away from direct sunlight and hand washing it using cold or lukewarm water. Remember never to wring your silk out. Let it drip-dry and or use a dryer on cold temperature.

Washing silk with other items in the washer can put it at risk of discoloration. The colors released by other materials can damage your smooth silk. Therefore, always wash your silk separately.


During the unforgiving winter months, a warm cashmere shawl can be the silver lining. This pure luxury of life made from cashmere wool need special care and attention to last longer.

Like silk, the preferred method of washing cashmere is hand washing. However, if you wish to use the washer to wash all your cashmere clothing items together, set the machine to a delicate or woolen clothing setting. Only add cashmere or woolen shampoo to the washer to ensure the touch of your belongings remains smooth and soft.


Leather clothing items can give a unique touch to your appearance and make you stand out. Since leather is expensive, caring for your leather clothing items is essential in ditching a financial loss. If you own a leather jacket, remember to condition it regularly. This will help reduce the cracks and keep your clothing moisturized.

Never throw your leather items in the washer. They may shrink or become damaged. Instead, use the spot and clean method using a delicate dish soap and water solution to clean the stained area.


Suede jackets, shoes, and other clothing items have a distinctive and vibrant appearance. The velvety touch of suede can give you an attractive look but, at the same time, easily catch dust and dirt.

While occasional brushing can keep your suede items clean and elegant, preventive care is crucial in extending your opulent clothing’s longevity. When your suede clothing becomes dirty, seek professional help and get it cleaned promptly.

At Sterling Cleaners, we offer specialized cleaning services for your suede items such as suede jackets, hats, shoes, gloves, and other accessories.

Our premium dry-cleaning service ensures that tricky fabrics such as silk, cashmere, leather, and suede are cleaned with utmost care using state-of-the-art-equipment. We also offer laundry pickup and delivery service across Washington, DC.

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