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The Benefits of Separating Laundry

The Benefits of Separating Laundry

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11 Nov

The Benefits of Separating Laundry

Everyone loves the smell and feel of a fresh load of laundry. While it is relatively easy to achieve this result, you can take small steps to ensure the quality of your clothes and other apparel items. If you want to maintain your expensive branded shirts and designer jeans, learning how to separate your laundry before washing might do the trick.

This blog discusses the benefits of separating your laundry and how dry cleaning services can help you maintain your favorite outfits.


Allows better washing

Separating your laundry means that soiled or stained clothes are washed more thoroughly. It is important to soak your clothes by piece after you separate them. Oil and grease stains may also ruin other clothes in the washing machine, hence, separating your laundry will protect other clothes from dirt and filth.


Prevents color bleeding

White clothes are the most vulnerable to color transfer from brightly-colored apparel items. A single colored sock can ruin an entire load of light-toned laundry. Pile your whites, darks, colored clothing, and delicates to prevent color bleeding and maintain their quality and lifespan.


: A dirty pile of laundry in a basket


Reduces wear and tear

Zippers, buttons. and embellishments can damage other items while washing. Wash similar fabrics together to keep other delicate items safe. You can also toss heavier clothing items with towels if your washing machine allows for a bigger load.


Retains fabric freshness and quality

Washing bath towels with jeans can leave your clothing with lint on them. Similarly, leaving tissue, paper, and change in pockets also damages or stains clothes, affecting their freshness after each wash. Make sure to check your pockets before tossing your outfit in the laundry basket to avoid cleaning out lint and stains after washing.

A small mistake could ruin a load of clothes in no time. Practice simple tricks to preserve the quality of your clothes. If you don’t have the time to spare, opt for professional dry cleaning and pressing services to do the job for you.


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