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Take Care of Your Shoes with These Storage Ideas

Take Care of Your Shoes with These Storage Ideas

8 Aug

Take Care of Your Shoes with These Storage Ideas

Most of us face problems when it comes to storing shoes in our closet. It’s not just that they take up a lot of space, but are also in different designs and seem to be constantly growing in numbers.

If you are wondering how you can take care of your shoes and store them in a manner that allows you to retain their quality and make them last long, here are a few tips that can help:

Sort Them, By Frequency Of Use

If you think you have more shoes than you need, start off by sorting them out according to how often you wear them.

Choose a pair that you wear every day and then choose the ones you wear every other week. In the end, separate the pair that you wear on special occasions.

Next, store the shoes around the house in a way that complements your needs. Keep the shoes you wear daily in the hallway or next to the front door, and the rest in your closet.

shoesOptimize Furniture Use

If you have tried out every shoe-storing trick there is, it is time to make use of your furniture.

Go for smart furniture solutions that include under-bed organizers and small storage racks.

If you really like the idea of stealth storage, go for benches that can be used as living room furniture but expand to reveal enough space for a number of pair of shoes.

Make Shoe Storage Easy For Kids

Although everyone loves kid’s shoes just because they are really adorable, you wouldn’t love them the same if you trip over them.

If you find it hard to make the little ones align their shoes pair by pair, designate a small basket. This way, they can quickly take off their shoes and toss them right in. This idea is still better than having them lie around the house.

Take Special Care with Long-Term Storage Solutions

If your idea of long-term storage is stuffing them in the closet or in a bag, then your shoes are bound to get damaged over time. Clean them up thoroughly before storage and invest in special boxes for each pair so that they last for years.

If you have some mildly damaged or worn out shoes that you want fixed, we can help! We offer reliable shoe repair in DC for all our customers. Get in touch with us today to learn more about shoe repair services.

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