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All The Reasons Why You Should Get Your Clothes Altered

All The Reasons Why You Should Get Your Clothes Altered

Clothes Altered
7 Jul

All The Reasons Why You Should Get Your Clothes Altered

Your clothes define your personal style, and you don’t want your style to be marked with imperfections. Timely alterations are a much-needed step to knock some life and shape to old clothes. Because who doesn’t love fine fitting garments?

When your clothes do not fit you well, either because they are not the right length or the right width, getting rid of them is not only wasteful but expensive as well. Instead of purchasing new clothes, get them altered.

Most clothing stores offer alteration services because they know that even new clothes will fit your perfectly, unless they are tailored to do so.

Let’s delve into some benefits of getting your clothes professionally altered.

Improves appearance

The finest quality of garments will not add class to your personal style if they do not fit you. The clothes you choose to wear should look like they were made for you – that is what impacts a viewer’s perception of your outlook. Even if you are garbed in off-the-rack sized local store garments, a few alterations will drastically raise your clothes value.

Enhance Self-confidence

Others’ opinion is not that only thing altered clothes affect. What you yourself think of your own style matters. Do you know that poorly fitted clothes can negatively affect the appearance of your body shape and pose? A few well thought out adjustments can make you look trimmer, slimmer, and even taller.

Save Clothing Costs

One of the major benefits of professional alterations is that you get the most wear of the same clothes. Open up your closet and take a look at the clothes you tossed to the back.

Spend a little bit on alterations to recycle what you already have. That way, you can avoid pointless spending on new clothes.

Turn Old Into New

Alterations can reinvent your wardrobe! It is quite depressing to part with a favorite clothing item simply because it is old. A hemming here, a tuck in there, a couple decorative pieces replaced – and you get a transformed new item! Additionally, altering clothes which are too outdated for the current trends can make them trendy once again.

Think you have enough reasons to invest into some professional dry cleaning & alterations? These services include re-cutting, hemming, length adjustment, re-sleeve, as well as collar and cuff replacements.

We specialize in these services, and then some more. At Imperial Valet, we provide efficient dry clean and alterations for all types of outfits, along with timely pick-up and drop-off services throughout DC.

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