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Protect Your Leather Shoes With These Tips

Protect Your Leather Shoes With These Tips

Brown leather shoes after cleaning
9 Sep

Protect Your Leather Shoes With These Tips

Love leather shoes? Well, who doesn’t?

Faux leather makes everything looks beautiful, but even it can lose its charm without proper care. Taking care of leather shoes takes some time and if you don’t have time, feel free to call us. We offer laundry to wash and fold service in Washington, DC, along with shoe repair. We can revive your leather shoes through our expert help.

Meanwhile, here are some tips to protect your shiny footwear.


1. Save them for Special Occasions

Leather is special, so it must only be used for special occasions. One pair of leather shoes is not enough if you use them regularly. Give your shoes a break and don’t wear them daily, especially on rainy days. Leather is easily susceptible to staining, scuffing, stretching, and creasing. Call us now if you need show repair services.


2. Polish Leather every 6 Weeks

Polished leather shoes after cleaning


It’s important to polish leather every 6-weeks to prevent cracking. It moisturizes the leather and protects it from water and dust. Choose between cream polish and wax to hide the blemishes and scuffs on your leather shoes.

Mind that cream is far more moisturizing than wax. It’s best to start polishing your shoes with cream wax and then switch to wax for better finishing.


3. Store them in a Dust Bag

Dust can stick on leather, causing it to ruin its texture and look. The best way to protect your shoes is by securing leather shoes in a dust bag. Keep them in a fabric dust bag for ultimate protection. This one tip will save you from hours of cleaning the shoes.


4. Clean Every Time After Wearing

Lastly, you only need a shoe brush to keep up with daily shoe cleaning. Simply clean the leather when you come home to remove any dirt and grime. It will save you a lot of cleaning time and keep the shoes shining like before.


Need Shoe Repair? We’re Here for Help

Leather can lose its real texture without proper care. If your leather has cracks, scuffs, stretches, etc., then we’re here to help. We offer shoe repair services in Washington, DC to revive your leather’s look.

We also offer commercial linen laundry service, wash and fold laundry, wedding gown preservation, and other services. Call us now for complete laundry services in Washington, DC.


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