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Making Those Shoes Walk the Extra Mile: Get More Wear Out of Old Shoes

Making Those Shoes Walk the Extra Mile: Get More Wear Out of Old Shoes

9 Sep

Making Those Shoes Walk the Extra Mile: Get More Wear Out of Old Shoes

Shoes are one of the only items that you can’t grow out of once you’re an adult. Your shoe size is bound to remain the same for the majority of your life. This is why shoes are an investment rather than just a fast fashion find that you’ll discard when a new trend comes around. To make sure you get the maximum use out of your shoes, take note of these three easy tips:

Waterproof Your Shoes:

More expensive and high-quality shoes are often made of leather, and hence, need to be cared for meticulously. After you break in your shoes, the first thing you should do is waterproof them. You don’t want your heavy investment to go to waste because of a little rainfall or an accidental step in a puddle, after all.

The type of waterproofing spray you need varies based on the type of shoes you have. For leather shoes, the best option is silicone-based waterproofing sprays, while for other shoes, beeswax is a good option.

Store Them Correctly

A good pair of shoes needs to hold their structure over time. For example, a pair of boots will not feel the same if they fail to hold their form and become limp over time.

This is why it’s very important to make sure you store your shoes correctly. For shoes with straps, like heels, it’s best to store them in a space that lets them stand tall rather than piling them underneath more shoes. For boots, it’s best to fill them up with crumpled newspaper so they maintain their form even when you’re not wearing them.

Take Them for Repairs When Needed:

Despite caring for them carefully, if you do manage to damage or tear your shoes, it’s best to take them to an experienced shoe repair service rather than trying to fix the problems yourself.  Imperial Valet Services Inc. in Washington DC offers shoe repair and shoe-shine services. We will not only fix the issues but will return your shoes to you looking good as new.

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