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Make Denim Last Long With These Tips

Make Denim Last Long With These Tips

4 Apr

Make Denim Last Long With These Tips

Denim is most commonly used to make jeans which has been a staple in men and women’s wardrobes for decades now. Denim is an incredibly hardwearing fabric that can withstand wear and tear very well.

Jeans are worn by many on a daily basis. It can be dressed up or down, making it a fashion favorite. When taken care of, jeans can last you many many years and that’s essential since it’s difficult to find the perfect pair. When you do find a pair that fits like a dream, it’s worth putting in extra effort to take care of it.

Here are some tips that will ensure your denim pieces last a long time:

Don’t wash them often

The biggest trick in the book is to avoid washing your jeans after every wear. The less you wash denim, the longer it will last you. Regular washing makes them lose their shape.

If there’s some dirt or stain on your pair of jeans, use a dry brush or a wet cloth to spot clean. You can hand them in the bathroom while having a shower too. The steam in the shower will help freshen them up.

Method to wash them

When you need to wash your jeans, make sure it’s done in cold water. Cold water prevents them from shrinking while maintaining its color. Turn your denim inside out before you put it in the washing machine as well.

Don’t use too much detergent to overcompensate for the fact that you haven’t washed them in a week. Detergents these days are quite concentrated, adding too much will only affect it’s durability.

Hand your jeans to dry instead of tumble drying it. This ensure it maintains its shape and fit.

Coated jeans require extra care

Coated jeans were created to combine the best of both fabrics, leather and denim. These jeans are coated in a waxy substance that gives them a leather like feel, but with the stretch and durability of denim.

These jeans look fantastic but require some extra TLC to make them last. While the labels on these pieces say they are washer freidnly, we recommend hand washing coated jeans in cold water. Don’t use detergent as that can affect the leather-like look.

Don’t let denim sit after the cycle ends

When washing your jeans, make sure you take them out of the drum as soon as the cycle ends. Letting them sit inside the washer can result in faded wrinkles which ruin the appeacne of jeans.

The first step to taking care of denim pieces is to have them washed, dried, and folded by a reliable service. We at Imperial Valet Sterling Cleaners provide laundry pickup and delivery DC and offer dry cleaning services as well. Our experts take care of all our client’s pieces, ensuring their vibrant color and texture are maintained. Other services offered by us include rug cleaning, shoe repair, and alterations. Call (202) 785-1152 for more information.

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