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How Often Should I Call Up My Dry Cleaners?

How Often Should I Call Up My Dry Cleaners?

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7 Jul

How Often Should I Call Up My Dry Cleaners?

While advanced technology has made it easier to do laundry, most of us still need professional dry cleaning services for special fabrics. Whether it’s suede, leather, or a wedding gown, you can’t wash everything at home—not unless you’re intentionally trying to damage your clothing.

Professional and commercial laundry services let individuals save time and benefit from quality washing, but does that mean that you can take every clothing item for dry cleaning? Of course not!

Let’s look at what dry cleaning means and how often you should pay a visit to the dry cleaners.

‘Dry Clean Only’

A lot of clothing items in your wardrobe will have the “dry clean only” care label on them. Clothing sold in America legally requires a care label that indicates care instructions. Manufacturers—to be on the safe side—prefer dry clean labels over home washing because the process is more effective and less likely to cause damage.

Why Should I Visit Dry Cleaners?

Dry cleaning uses powerful degreasers that efficiently remove stubborn stains while also maintaining the softness of the fabric. Not to mention that professional dry cleaners use high-end products that don’t compromise on quality.

When Should I Visit Dry Cleaners?

Even clothes that should strictly be dry cleaned don’t require you to do so after every wear. You can call up for a pick-up after three wears if you want your clothes to look and smell fresh. In case of bulkier items such as jeans, sweaters, dresses, and pants, visit the dry cleaner when there’s visible staining or a stinky smell.

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Coats and jackets, however, should be dry cleaned seasonally unless they start giving off a bad smell or are accidentally stained.

Apart from clothing, there are some other items around your house that require dry cleaning as well. This includes pillows, duvets, quilts, bedspreads, comforters and curtains. Even though most of these items are protected from direct dust, over time, grime can accumulate on them.

Make sure you take these items to the dry cleaners every 4–6 months depending on how dirty they are.

Just keep in mind that dry cleaning isn’t always necessary but when it is, you mustn’t slack off. For professional services, give us a call at (202) 723-9535 and we’ll pick up the items for you.

At Imperial Valet Sterling Cleaners, we pride ourselves on quality and efficiency and proudly serve residential and commercial clients in Washington DC.

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