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What Should I Know About Leather and Suede Washing

What Should I Know About Leather and Suede Washing

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7 Jul

What Should I Know About Leather and Suede Washing

Washing and cleaning solutions vary depending on a number of factors. Material, type, fabric, stitching and embellishments play a huge role in deciding how the garment will be washed—be it a home wash or at professional dry cleaning in dc.

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While every clothing article comes with a care label explaining the instructions that should be followed, the secret lies in understanding the small variances that can make all the difference. When it comes to leather clothing, there’s more than one type and each reacts to different washing methods in a unique manner. Here’s what you need to know about caring for and washing leather or suede clothing that you own.

Finished Leather

Don’t know how to check if the jacket you’re wearing is finished or unfinished leather? No problem! All you need to do is put a drop of water on the surface of the jacket. Check to see if the water is absorbed immediately. If it stays on the surface, you have finished leather on hand.

Finished leather is best cleaned with a wet wipe or damp clothing. For heavy soiling, soak the cloth in mild detergent or soap.

Another reason for lack of water absorption could be water repellent treatment. When buying leather clothing, make sure to check for these features.

Unfinished Leather

Unfinished leather will easily absorb water so cleaning it with water not only can gets difficult but leaves the article vulnerable to staining in multiple places. The best option for unfinished grain leather is to have it cleaned by professional dry cleaning services in your area.

Are you currently in the Washington, Maryland or Virginia area? Send over your unfinished leather clothing to us at Imperial Valet Sterling Cleaners for quality wash and preservation.

Leather wash and dry is a complicated task. Don’t risk ruining your expensive leather jacket by washing it at home.

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Suede and Nubuck Leather

A suede brush or a high quality cleaning cloth works best to remove the surface dust in the initial stages. You can use sprays that need to be sprayed over the fabric and gently worked into it to remove stains.

Protective spray also makes suede and nubuck leather grease resistant but make sure to follow the instructions or your clothing/shoes will appear darkened than the original color. If you have gotten your suede shoes or jacket wet and they’re spotting, our professional cleaners at Sterling Cleaners are well equipped to restore them to original color and form.

Don’t have time to drop off the garments at our shop? Call us at (202) 785-1444 or schedule a pick up and get 30% off on your first order.

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