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Keeping Your Suits in Pristine Condition

Keeping Your Suits in Pristine Condition

6 Jun

Keeping Your Suits in Pristine Condition

Taking proper care of your suits can ensure that they last longer, look sharp, and save you money. Dropping them off at an efficient, dry-cleaning service once after every week of wear can help you keep them in the best shape.

We asked our cleaning experts at Sterling Cleaners to share some tips for keeping suits in pristine conditions and here are the gems that they relinquished:

Alternating is your friend

Wearing the same suit every day can expose it to a higher risk of wear and tear. No matter how good the quality is, overuse may cause it to fray and stretch.

The trousers will be the first to lose the battle. If you can’t afford another suit, consider getting an extra pair of trousers. This can prolong the life of your formal wear.

Air it out

What do you do with your suit at the end of a long day? Cramming it right away in the cupboard can be detrimental. Instead, hang it in a well-ventilated part of your home to let it dry out.

Keep it away from direct sunlight and leave it to freshen up overnight. And when it’s time to hang it in the wardrobe, make sure to leave it plenty of room.

Brush it down

Run a soft-bristled brush down your suit after taking it off. Dust particles can cling to fibers and ruin their natural look. You can simply avoid wear and tear by performing a brushing routine every time you wear a suit.

Beware of the silent harmers

Mold, moth, and silverfish can attack your outfit and ruin it silently. If you don’t keep your suit in a dry and moth-free area, you’re putting it at risk.

Never put your formal wear in a plastic garment bag as the dampness inside can harbor mold and mildew growth. Instead, use cedarwood hangers and balls to deter these harmful organisms naturally.

Mend it right away

The first rule of maintenance is promptly repairing any damages suffered by your suit. Be it a broken button, moth hole, or a small fray—these seemingly small problems can escalate to become worse. Would you really let a tiny moth hole ruin your thousand-dollar suit? Get it mended right away to ensure it remains in the best condition.

Bring it to Sterling Cleaner!

Your suit requires specialized cleaning done with care and expertise. Bring it to us at Sterling Cleaners in Washington, DC. We provide free dry-cleaning pickup and delivery! Call us at 202-785-1444 for more information.

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