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Is Taking Your Wedding Dress to the Dry Cleaners Safe? 3 Questions to Ask

Is Taking Your Wedding Dress to the Dry Cleaners Safe? 3 Questions to Ask

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12 Dec

Is Taking Your Wedding Dress to the Dry Cleaners Safe? 3 Questions to Ask

A wedding is a blissful union of two souls. It stays etched in your memories for your entire lifetime! But the entire process is also hectic, tiring, and an emotional rollercoaster.

One of the most exciting parts of getting married is picking what you’ll wear. The perfect wedding dress is a symbol of love, elegance, and regality! It not only makes the bride stand out amidst the guests, but also carries immense sentimental value.

This is why you should be very careful about wedding dress after-care. Most brides are confused about whether or not dry-cleaning is a safe option for bridal wear.

Here are some questions you must ask your laundry service when you take it in:

Wedding Dress – Do costs vary according to dress type and material?

Your laundry service will charge you more for your wedding dress compared to an ordinary pair of jeans. Wedding dresses have intricate designs with detailed embellishments and ornate add-ons. It takes extra precaution and effort to clean them. These charges may vary as per the design and the fabric used.

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Is dry cleaning better than wet cleaning?

Water is definitely great for cleaning when it comes to spills and stain. It also leaves behind no chemical residue and flushes out impurities. However, dry cleaning is better in a number of ways:

  1. Dry cleaning is less abrasive. There is no harsh rinsing, and therefore, less wear and tear. This will keep pleats, embellishments, embroidery, and sequins safe.
  2. The professionals will be wary of the cleaning solutions that they use. They are well-aware of the temperature and the chemicals that the fabric can withstand and use them accordingly.

Will they store and preserve it safely after dry cleaning?

The best way to ensure the safety of your gown is to check whether your dry cleaning service provides an air-tight storage bag. If they do, well and good. If they don’t, you can always ask them for advice and see what they recommend for your fabric.

Most dry cleaning services recommend using a storage bag that’s made out of breathable material so excess moisture is not retained. Please remember that just like every other object, the fabrics in your gown needs to breathe in order to remain beautiful for years.

One of the biggest mistakes that brides make is using plastic cellophane paper to preserve the wedding dress after it has been dry cleaned. This is not a great idea.

This is because harmful chemicals and contaminants can adhere to the surface of the plastic and come in contact with the dress. Other than that, plastic may also retain excess moisture leading to the growth of mold and mildew.

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