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How to Pack a Winter Coat or Jacket

How to Pack a Winter Coat or Jacket

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2 Feb

How to Pack a Winter Coat or Jacket

The weather is beginning to get warmer, which is a sign that winters are about to end. This means that it’s time for you to replace all those fuzzy sweaters, suede jackets, and leather trench coats with floral dresses, colorful tank-tops, and ruffled midi skirts.  However, bidding farewell to your winter wardrobe can be challenging. Improper storage can lead to wear and tear of the fabric and the soft wool.

Packing plays a significant role in preserving the freshness and new-look of your winter clothing. Ahead, we have covered some steps to help you to properly your zipped coats and jackets. Let’s dive in!

Get Them Cleaned

The very first step to packing your winter wardrobe should be to get them cleaned. Most jackets are made of top-quality authentic wool, leather or suede. These materials can easily get damaged if they aren’t cleaned using the right techniques and products. For best results, hire professionals that offer laundry, dry cleaning, and special leather and suede cleaning service prior to packing.

Zip up the Jackets

The next step to packing your winter jacket is to zip them up. This rule is also applicable if your coat has buttons or snap buttons on it. Doing the buttons and zips beforehand makes folding and rolling easier and less clumsy. This is a good way to effectively utilize small closets.

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Sleeves First!

Put your coat down on a flat surface on its front with the hood and sleeves extended. While your jacket is face down place a folding board right below the collar and center of the shoulders. Next, flip one sleeve at the back followed by the other such that the sleeves are parallel to the sides of your jacket. Make sure there are no wrinkles and the sleeves don’t overlap to avoid improper folding.

Fold the Bottom

Next, fold the bottom of your coat upward along the midline, so it’s properly wrapped around the folding board. Remove the folding board.

Next, flip the jacket with its right side up and pull out the folding board at the back.

Time for Rolling

Grab the bottom of your coat and begin rolling it up tightly, like you would roll a sleeping bag after a camping night. Ensure that all the edges are even and squeeze out any excess air.

Bind the Coat

Bind and protect your rolled coat using large hair bands or rubber bands that won’t break. Therefore, don’t use very thin or low quality rubber band, because they can break easily.

Repeat similar steps for every jacket, coat, or button-down sweater you have and put them all in a carton or your winter closet. You’re all set for the spring season!

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