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How to Make an Impact On Your First Interview?

How to Make an Impact On Your First Interview?

First Interview
7 Jul

How to Make an Impact On Your First Interview?

An interview is your one shot at making a positive and memorable first impression on your potential future employer. The process may seem intimidating, but there are three crucial steps to up your game and ace the interview!

Appearance is Important 

Most of the time, interviewees tend to neglect their appearance and deciding their outfit. Dressing fit for the job and impressing your interviewer is the first step toward success. Although the notion sounds outdated, it’s true that people still (intentionally or unintentionally) judge by appearance.

Wearing an evening gown, jeans, or sneakers to an interview will straight up create a negative impression and lower or completely dismiss your chance of getting the job. It’s vital to dress appropriately and neatly. We suggest formal attire that’s not too loud or colorful.


There are times when a candidate walks in with a creased shirt or an interviewer spots a hidden stain near the collar; this reflects poor personal hygiene and can bring down your morale, causing you to perform poorly.

Spotless, clean, and crisp clothes are what the interviewer is looking for. Along with minimal accessories, shoes play a vital role in the interview attire. Wearing formal and spotless shoes ties the whole outfit together!.



Confidence is Crucial

From the minute you walk into an interview room, the interview scans your body language and assesses your confidence level. The level of confidence you exhibit will allow the employer to place trust in you.

Many times, interviewees allow their nervous and doubtful emotions to get the better of them, which drowns their ability to showcase their skills and stammer while speaking. Maintaining a calm, composed posture and tone allows the free flow of words and reflects a high level of confidence. If you’re having a problem being confident, rehearsing is the ideal option. You can ask your family or friends to stage a mock interview or even practice in front of the mirror.

Preparedness Leads to Success 

An interview requires you to be yourself, but preparation is still required. Preparedness before an interview allows you to feel more collected and in control of the situation, which boosts your confidence.

Research the company and the job specifications. If the interviewer asks you what you know about the role and you have no answer, it’s unlikely for you to get the job. Taking notes on the company, role, skills, and qualifications will help you answer every question with ease.

We know you can ace the confidence and preparation aspect but let us handle your attire for the interview. Our team of experts at Sterling Cleaners has been cleaning outfits for several interviews for the past 80 years! We provide the best dry cleaning, pressing, alterations, shoe repair, and shine services in Washington, DC. Just give us a call and avail our pickup and delivery service right in the comfort of your home.

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