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Four Best Fabric Softeners on the Market 2021

Four Best Fabric Softeners on the Market 2021

Man pouring fabric softener in the washing machine
10 Oct

Four Best Fabric Softeners on the Market 2021

We know laundry is one of the most dreaded chores, and to make it more enjoyable, we often look for the supplies that are just right for us. Investing in a high-quality fabric softener makes your clothes feel soft, cozy, and fresh. Unlike popular belief, fabric softeners are more than just a laundry afterthought. Rather they are essential in reducing the friction and fabric cling in the clothes. While it can be tempting to use a fabric softener on each load of laundry, remember they are not to be used on every fabric. Using the wrong fabric softener on clothing can make it more flammable.

All the more reasons why you should be opting for professional dry cleaning services, right? Leave it to Sterling Cleaners, one of the top laundry wash and fold services in Washington, to worry about your laundry issues.

For your convenience, here are some of the best fabric softeners in the market:

Downy Simple Pleasures Liquid Fabric Softener- Smelling Clean and Fresh

We are recommending Downy Infusions because it does not only have the best fragrance, but it also protects the clothing against stretching and other issues like color fade. Downy Infusions is best used for sheets, PJs, and towels and will feel as good against your skin as it smells.

Gain Liquid Fabric Softener Original- Great for reducing Static Cling

Gain is not only prominent for its funny advertisements but also its remarkable liquid fabric softeners. According to the brand, just a few drops of the softener will keep the laundry soft and scented for well over six weeks. Gain’s liquid fabric softener is compatible with standard as well as high-efficiency (HE) washers.

Dropps Fabric Softener Ultra Concentrated Pods- For Unscented Fabric Softener Seekers

If you have fragrance allergies or prefer your fabric softener to be unscented, Dropps unscented pods are the one for you. Dropps Fabric Softener will leave your clothes luxuriously fresh and soft while maintaining the fabric’s ability to remain absorbent, which is a constantly encountered issue with most softeners.

ATTITUDE Hypoallergenic Baby Fabric Softener- Non-Toxic and Plant-based Softener for Babies

Attitude Little Ones is an eco-friendly plant-based fabric softener especially designed for babies. But you can use it for your laundry loads as well! Its formula is free of preservatives, optical brighteners, or dyes that leave your clothes residue-free and extremely soft. This climate pledge-friendly softener can also be used in standard and HE washers.

Imperial Valet has the finest dry cleaning service in DC, so save yourself from the tiring hunt for the most suitable fabric softener for your laundry load and let us take care of you.

Imperial Valet provides complete laundry services in Washington, including but not limited to dry cleaning and alterations, commercial laundry, and laundry wash and fold. It also provides hassle- and signature-free delivery services, so you don’t have to stress about picking your laundry after a long and hectic day! Let our team of professionals worry about which fabric softener or detergent goes best with your clothes,

You can reach out to us for more information at (202) 785-1444.

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