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Laundry and Commercial Cleaning Services Offer

Laundry and Commercial Cleaning Services Offer

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7 Jul

Laundry and Commercial Cleaning Services Offer

Commercial laundry and cleaning services have undoubtedly made the lives of many easier. However, consumers are often frustrated by the limited, fragmented services most establishments provide.

The best laundry services offer so much more than just laundry and dry cleaning. From tailoring and alterations to shoe repairs, let’s take a look at everything we do at Imperial Valet Sterling Cleaners apart from professional laundry cleaning.

DC Alteration

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If you’ve lost or gained weight recently, there’s a significant chance that clothes that used to fit you don’t anymore. This can be frustrating on multiple levels, as you not only have to get the clothes you haven’t worn in a while cleaned, but you also have to find a suitable tailoring service. With us, you can take care of alterations when you drop off dirty laundry and save on an extra trip.

Shoe Repairs

Shoes say a lot about a person, so if you’re walking around with damaged heels or soles that are falling out, you’re leaving a bad impression. Cover all your bases and make sure that your shoes aren’t taking away from your otherwise impeccable personality.

From stitching to shine, our quality products and expert team are able to preserve and restore the original texture and look of your footwear.

Leather Cleaning

Leather is unlike any other fabric and, therefore, requires special care. Home cleaning is rarely an option for leather articles, which is why we provide expert leather care, maintenance, and cleaning services.

Whether you’re looking for regular dry clean or spot removal service, we have you covered.

Commercial Cleaning

Just like a household needs laundry services, businesses do too. From uniforms, bedspreads, and tablecloths to linens, commercial businesses trust us to do their work reliably and professionally.

Our equipment can take care of any material or fabric and when it comes to stains, there’s no one better than us in Washington DC.

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Dry, Fold and Iron

Laundry entails more than mere washing and drying. Menial tasks like folding and ironing can take up a significant amount of time so why do it yourself when we can do it for you. From wedding gown to formal party wear and daily wear, we also deal in fold and ironing service.

If an article can’t be ironed, we’ll steam it and take care of all your needs.

At Imperial Valet Sterling Cleaners, we put customers first; our main objective is to ensure the safety and proper care of every single item that clients entrust us with. Get ready to have dry cleaning services in Washington for wrinkle-free, fresh pressed laundry at your doorstep.

Give us a call at (202) 723-9535 or get in touch with us here.

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