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4 Types of Clothes You Shouldn’t Wash at Home

4 Types of Clothes You Shouldn’t Wash at Home

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7 Jul

4 Types of Clothes You Shouldn’t Wash at Home

Laundry seems like an easy task. Throw in the soiled clothes, some detergent, press a button and all your clothes would be good as new.

But some clothes require greater care and it’s highly recommended to check the manufacturer’s label before you throw them in the washing machine. It happens quite often that a new and expensive dress gets completely tattered in just one wash.

So here are the types of clothes that should only be washed by professionals to prevent them from getting damaged.

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The rough cleaning cycle of the washing machine can ruin the elegant fall and glass-like smoothness of a gorgeous silk gown. Silk is an extremely delicate material that should only be hand-washed with a very mild detergent or through dry cleaning.

Always get your silk gowns washed by a professional dry cleaning or laundry service,e instead of washing them at home to save a few bucks.


Leather jackets and pants never go out of style. Their glossy appearance and snug fit make them the fashion statement they are.

However, leather requires a lot of care to keep it hydrated and glossy. Frequent washing can make it appear dull, cracked and wrinkly. Getting it cleaned by a professional dry cleaning service ensures that your leather apparel maintains its luster and shape for a long time.


In order for suits to stay in shape and fit you perfectly, they need to be cleaned professionally. Their fabric cannot handle the rough spinning cycles of a washing machine. After one wash, an expensive branded suit can turn into a lump of cloth bought from the thrift store.

To keep your fancy suits looking new and fit, get them dry cleaned only. Never wash them yourself!

Synthetic Fabrics

Clothes made of synthetic fabrics should be kept away from the washing machine at all cost. Even though the tags on some might say ‘machine-wash friendly,’ it’s better to avoid it.  Machine-wash can loosen the fibers of synthetic fabric. And if it’s heavily embroidered, the rough spins of the machine will cause the embroidery to fall off.

Synthetic fabrics should only be washed with little water and a mild biodegradable detergent. Only a professional dry cleaning service can do this for you.

If you have clothing items made from any of these materials, then step away from your washing machine and call a professional dry cleaning service right away! The Imperial Valet Services in DC can get the job the done. Contact them at (202) 785-1444 for free pickup and delivery.

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