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Love Your Old Clothes But They’re Too Faded to Wear? Here Are 4 Ways to Bring the Color Back

Love Your Old Clothes But They’re Too Faded to Wear? Here Are 4 Ways to Bring the Color Back

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9 Sep

Love Your Old Clothes But They’re Too Faded to Wear? Here Are 4 Ways to Bring the Color Back

We’ve all experienced the frustrating feeling of having our favorite wardrobe items fade in color. Not only does their lack of color make them look unappealing, but it can also make them appear poor quality as well.

Washing your clothes with harsh detergents extensively or removing stubborn stains by hand forcefully are just a few things that can impact their natural color.

Thankfully, there are a number of measures you can take to ensure your clothes regain their lost color.

1. Restoring the color with dye

Before applying any kind of dye onto your clothes, it’s important for you to determine how your fabric will receive the dye. Keep in mind that fabric dye usually works best on natural cloths such as cotton or silk. Rayon and nylon also tend to absorb fabric dye well.

Polyester or spandex fabrics, on the other hand, can’t be restored with dye. Moreover, avoid dyeing any fabric that can only be dry-cleaned.

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2. Bring back the brightness with salt

If you’ve noticed some of your clothing items fade away after just a few washes, the detergent buildup may be to blame. Add some salt to your wash so your clothes can regain their color.

Pour half a cup of salt, and avoid harsh ground sea salt. Any other kind of table salt will work. The salt will also help you remove any unwanted blood or sweat stains on your clothes.

3. Use vinegar

Adding vinegar to your wash will prevent the build-up of detergent and help them get their color back faster. In some cases, soaking your garments in vinegar before washing them can make them regain their brightness instantly too.

4. Add some baking soda

Baking soda is another household staple that can instantly give your faded clothes a hue of color. It’s particularly effective on white garments, and makes them look fresh and anew. All you need to do is mix half a cup along with your regular detergent!

Although these tips might help, it’s always best to get your clothes dry-cleaned, especially when you’re dealing with stubborn stains.

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