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Common Misconceptions About Dry Cleaning That People Still Believe

Common Misconceptions About Dry Cleaning That People Still Believe

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12 Dec

Common Misconceptions About Dry Cleaning That People Still Believe

Most of us don’t know what goes on over the counter at the dry cleaners. Is there a rack where every clothes item is whirling about, or does someone manually dump everything in a big vat of solutions, and that’s how it gets cleaned? As a result, inaccurate information gets thrown about, harming people’s clothes as they cannot trust the dry cleaning services

Don’t be fooled! We’re here to clear up any misconceptions. Let’s go over a few and put your mind at ease.

Waiting Till It’s Absolutely Necessary

This misconception will probably end up costing you a lot of money and losing the quality of the clothes you already have. If you wait the longest time before sending your clothes to a dry cleaner, you’ll continue to wear the clothes—leading to an accumulation of dirt and oil on your garments. This will make your clothes end up smelling bad, and if you have any wet stains, they can potentially transfer to other clothes. This will make it even more difficult for professionals to clean your fabrics. 

The less often you clean your clothes, the more harm you are causing. So make sure that after each fabric has been worn, you separate them by color and level of dirtiness and make time for dropping them off at the dry cleaners.

Clothes hanging in a plastic sheet on racks

One Method Rule

Many individuals believe that dry cleaners all use one method to clean your clothes. That’s not true at all! Professionals employ a variety of processes and tools and use CDC-approved guidelines to disinfect using appropriate solvents to get the best and safest results.

It’s not always dry! Liquid solvents and a small amount of water are utilized to get nitty-gritty dirt stains out of the clothes.

Cheap Is Expensive

Yes. You read that right. Just because a company is cheap doesn’t mean they will provide the optimum quality or promise customer satisfaction. You need to keep an eye out for businesses that are giving the lowest prices for their operations. They most likely have additional costs that aren’t shown on their receipt or their websites. 

At Imperial Valet Cleaners, we specialize in connecting with our clients and providing optimum dry cleaning services, complete laundry services, and wash and fold services in Washington. Let us know if you have any special requests or any queries.


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