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Common Ironing Mistakes to Avoid!

Common Ironing Mistakes to Avoid!

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2 Feb

Common Ironing Mistakes to Avoid!

One of the chores that we all (rightfully) love to hate is ironing. Getting all the wrinkles out or creating a crease can take ages. There are just too many types of fabrics that all need to be ironed in different ways and with specific temperatures.

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As much as we hate it though, it’s a task that needs to be done every day. And even if you’re just a beginner, avoiding these ironing mistakes is important and can make the chore easy for you.

Ironing Over-Dried Clothes

Ironing over-dried clothes can be a difficult task. By the time you take out your clothes from the dryer, all the moisture is gone, making it hard for you to re-shape the clothes and remove wrinkles. Make sure you iron your clothes while they’re still damp. If that’s not possible, spray your dry clothes with water to soften them up before ironing.

Using A Dirty Iron

Steam irons are notorious for staining fabrics. The soleplate gathers starch and fibers, only to melt them and leave stains on your clothes while it’s heated up. It’s important to clean your iron regularly. You can try some DIY remedies, such as using vinegar, baking soda, or distilled water. You could also use cleaning products to remove dirt, dust, and other materials from your iron.

Heating Up The Iron

Ironing your clothes at a high temperature can damage the fabric. Before starting, select the setting on the iron which corresponds to the type of fabric you’re ironing. Some items have the appropriate temperature written on their care labels.

In addition, an iron takes time to heat up, so it’s better to iron the delicate pieces of your outfit first. Once the heat is cranked up, you can move on to the thicker and heavier items.

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Ironing Dirty Clothes

This is one of the most common mistakes that people make. You should never iron dirty clothes; it settles the dirt permanently into your clothes. Before ironing your outfit for the day, make sure that it has been washed properly.

Not Getting Rid Of The Water

Once you’re done ironing, you should get rid of the water in the iron’s chamber. If you neglect to do that, the water can damage the internal parts of your iron and cause discoloration on your iron’s soleplate.

Leaving Your Iron Plugged In

Safety comes first! Always make sure that you’re not bare-foot when ironing. Moreover, when you’re finished ironing, remember to take out the plug from the electrical source to prevent any safety hazard.

If you don’t want to take the risk of making any these mistakes while ironing, you can let Imperial Valet Services Inc. do the job. Among other reliable services, we offer efficient pressing services to our customers. We’ve been in the business for 70 years and are known for our brilliant and free laundry pickup and delivery services in Washington DC.

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