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Clothing Hacks That Can Help You Make The Most of Your Wardrobe

Clothing Hacks That Can Help You Make The Most of Your Wardrobe

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9 Sep

Clothing Hacks That Can Help You Make The Most of Your Wardrobe

Waking up in the morning and not knowing what to wear to work or school is one of the biggest wardrobe struggles out there. Sometimes, it just feels like you have nothing to wear. So, do you go out and buy a whole new collection? Hold that thought.

Sustainable fashion is where it’s at these days. We now consume more than 80 million new pieces of clothing every year, globally. Something needs to give.

At Imperial Valet Services Inc., we can help you prevent clothing wastage by offering the best dry cleaning and alteration services in Washington DC.

That’s why we have some hacks for you that will help you make the most of the clothes that you already have!

Categorize Your Wardrobe

Categorizing your clothes will help you put together outfits for all kinds of events. Keep casual outfits in a separate section and formal attire in another.

Making sections and labeling them will also save you a lot of time, as you can pre-plan your look before any particular event.

Tuck away the least used items—like Halloween costumes or prom dresses—in the uppermost sections and keep your regular wear in the front areas.

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Stitch to Fit

People experience physical changes over time; thus, some clothes may not fit you anymore. You might have to get rid of such garments, including some of your favorite pieces. An easy solution to this problem is getting your clothes altered.

Purchasing clothes is an investment, and alteration ensures they fit you perfectly for a long time to come. You can seek alteration services from us to modify your clothes and make them the perfect size.

Accessorize Each Outfit

Regardless of how minimalistic your outfits are, accessorizing will always make you stand out. Get gold, silver, and bronze jewelry to pair with anything you wear. Wearing hoops with a casual t-shirt or a statement necklace with a blouse can significantly enhance your overall appearance.

women wearing a silver necklace

Fast fashion continues to grow; it’s our responsibility to decide how we respond to it. It is always a great idea to make the most out of your wardrobe by using the clothes that you already have. Altering and dry cleaning your clothes can help you save your clothes in the long run.

At Imperial Valet Services Inc., we provide the best customer service by tailoring, altering, and dry cleaning clothes cost-effectively. Contact us here.

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