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Clothing Care Mistakes That Make Your Dry Cleaner’s Job Harder

Clothing Care Mistakes That Make Your Dry Cleaner’s Job Harder

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1 Jan

Clothing Care Mistakes That Make Your Dry Cleaner’s Job Harder

You didn’t mean to spot clean your jacket with bleach—but the damage is done.

The question you’re asking now is: “will your dry cleaner be able to save your garment”?

The answer: probably!

But even for professionals, the task becomes a lot more difficult when clients don’t take care of their clothes to begin with. To keep you informed, here are some things you shouldn’t do to your clothes if you want us to be able to salvage them.

– Not Checking Labels

Can’t handle hefty dry cleaning bills? Well, then check the labels before you buy something. Every piece of clothing comes with a tag, specifying what that item requires for cleaning.

If you have any clothes that mandate dry cleaning, don’t risk damaging them by throwing them in the washer. You’re not going to like the end result.

– Not Getting Certain Clothes Dry Cleaned

Rule of thumb: have all heavier articles of clothing—like sweaters and down jackets—dry cleaned after every three wears.

Items such as dress shirts should only be worn once, whereas pants and suit jackets can be worn twice. Even if you do take special care when wearing them, don’t risk a permanent stain by not having them cleaned when you should.

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– Using Way Too Much Bleach

Bleach should not be added to your list of washing aids in the first place, unless you fully understand its function.

Bleach doesn’t wash away a stain; it simply removes its color. So if you have a stubborn stain that hasn’t gone away, even after gentle rubbing under lukewarm water, let your dry cleaner know about it so they know what to do.

– Underestimating Stains

Makeup on the collar, grass stains on your pant leg, or ink stains in pockets do not go away easily after a wash with some light detergent.

More often than not, these stains are the worst to get out of clothes. So rather than partaking in some home chemistry with cleaning fluids and wrong temperature waters, ask a professional to do the job for you. We have the right tools and chemicals to take out these stains.

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