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Are You Cleaning Your Yoga Pants Properly?

Are You Cleaning Your Yoga Pants Properly?

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12 Dec

Are You Cleaning Your Yoga Pants Properly?

Yoga enthusiasts agree that yoga cleanses and purifies your mind. It makes you feel at peace with yourself, your surroundings, and your inner feelings.

However, to achieve this serenity, one needs to practice the right techniques, be in an ideal position, choose a calm location, and of course, wear proper pants! Your yoga pants need to be the right size, comfy, and clean!

If you’re wondering whether you’ve been cleaning them the right, here’s a guide:

Washing them the right way

Repeat after us: yoga pants have to be washed inside out. Why? Most of the oil and sweat our body secretes during yoga is accumulated on the inside. You need to make sure the detergent and other cleaning solutions come in contact with the surface where they’re needed most.

Secondly, yoga pants are expensive and are supposed to be a fashion statement. If you wash yours frequently, the colors will fade quickly. Washing the inner side will not only preserve the colors, but will also make them last longer.

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What’s the right detergent?

Yoga pants aren’t loosely fitting like the jeans you wear to college every day. Unlike other pants, they’re extremely snug. So you’ll have to make sure you’re using a detergent that doesn’t irritate your skin—especially if your skin is sensitive. Similarly, if you’re washing your yoga pants in cold water, you might want to choose a detergent that’s formulated for cold water.

For better instructions, refer to the care labels. They’ll guide you a better idea about the detergent type and the temperature of the water you’re supposed to use.

Washing with towels

We often wash similar fabrics together to save time. This is a definitely good idea, as long as one of the fabrics doesn’t damage the others.

When it comes to yoga pants, you can’t wash them with towels and denim. We don’t advise washing them with anything that has zippers either.

Zippers often get stuck on other pieces and tear them. The same goes for towels; they can damage athletic garments by rubbing against them.

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