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5 Tips for Getting Your Workout Clothes Clean and Fresh

5 Tips for Getting Your Workout Clothes Clean and Fresh

Workout Clothes Clean and Fresh
7 Jul

5 Tips for Getting Your Workout Clothes Clean and Fresh

An intensive and sweaty workout is excellent for the body, but once it’s over, your newly purchased activewear begins to smell and fade. This may lead to several infections if worn for a prolonged time.

Your workout clothes tend to require correct care and attention to increase their longevity and make your investment worthwhile. This is why our laundry service experts at Imperial Valet Sterling Cleaners have shared some of their secrets and compiled a list of 5 simple yet useful tips on how you to take proper care of your workout clothes.

  1. Air your workout clothes directly after exercising.

An intense workout usually drains you out, leaving you with little energy to clean our work out clothes. Most of the time, your sweaty clothes are left in warm and damp places like lockers or gym bags, allowing bacteria to grow. It’s essential to hang your dirty workout garments in a place they can dry out. The airflow will help in releasing the body odor.


  1. Soak them in vinegar or baking soda.

White vinegar aids in breaking the bond between the body soil (mixture of oil, dead skin cells, sweat) and the garment. Submerge your clothes in 1 cup of white vinegar mixed with 4 cups of cold water and rest for approximately 30 minutes. The vinegar contains acid that helps release bacteria and break down sweat stains.

  1. Turn your gym clothes inside-out.

Washing your clothes inside-out not only protects colors but also gets rid of the odor-causing bacteria and grime accumulated inside your activewear. When you work out, the microfibers on the inside of the clothes are exposed to bacteria and sweat, hence washing them inside out will give them a thorough clean and protect the outside of the clothes from your washer’s agitation.

  1. Do not forget to wash or rinse.

Once your clothes are completely dry, it’s time to wash; washing your clothes daily can be a tedious task but is highly recommend. If time does not permit, giving them a quick rinse will also do the job. Allowing your clothes to marinate in sweat, results in the breeding of bacteria and can cause skin infection and body odor. Washing helps remove the salts and the oils that are stuck on the surface of the garment and eliminates bad odors.

  1. Avoid fabric softeners.

You might find fragrant fabric softeners working their charm on your other clothes. For activewear, this is a big no! Fabric softeners can be counterproductive when used with activewear, as they damage the elasticity of your clothes. Coating the microfibers to make the fabric soft tends to lock bacteria and germs instead of washing it away, giving you stretchy, smelly clothes at the end of it.

With a busy day ahead of you and time running faster by the minute, washing your clothes daily might seem close to impossible. Don’t worry; we got you covered! We provided laundry services for over 80 years in Washington, DC. We know precisely the level of dedication and care required by your activewear and strive to provide the utmost satisfaction to every customer. Our 24/7 service and delivery options give you the option to get clean, fragrant clothes at your doorstep. All you need to do is work out at the gym and leave the rest up to us!

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