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5 Cool Ways to Declutter Closet Space

5 Cool Ways to Declutter Closet Space

A neatly organized walk-in closet with clothes on hangers and shoes on racks
3 Mar

5 Cool Ways to Declutter Closet Space

Closet decluttering is as much of a science as it’s an art. To some, it might seem like a boring task that keeps popping up every few days. People who leave their clothes scattered everywhere or don’t want to initiate organizing their closets think it adds no value to their lives. Here’s why they have it all wrong.

The closet space is not just somewhere deep within the dark and part of your secret life. It is actually a place you are inadvertently carrying around with you. It has a bearing on how you dress every day, whether for college or work. What you wear indicates how you keep your closet.

You need to clear your closet to find what you want to wear when you decide to wear them. You’ll miss some on-point outfits for occasions if you don’t see them right in front of you when you need to.

So let’s get right to some cool ways to declutter your closet space that will open your wardrobe doors to a new perspective, much like a Narnia experience.


Ascertain A Time For Decluttering

So if you think closet decluttering will take up your entire free time, that’s because you aren’t scheduling it correctly. Just assign 15-20 minutes of one day of the week to fix your closet. You can even divide days and timings for sections. For example, if the racks are sorted on Monday, the sock drawer can wait till Tuesday.

Interior Magazine HOMES & GARDENS recommends limiting wardrobe decluttering tasks to daytime.


Does It Fit Your Personality? Keep It Or Toss It

There must be something in there that you absolutely will not wear again. Maybe you got a present that you never liked or clothes that no longer fit. The good news is that you are in control since this is your closet. If it’s a color you don’t like because it’s too tacky, or if it’s something you’ve worn a lot but never see yourself wearing again, toss it!


Crank Up The Music While Decluttering

Unlike driving a car, closet decluttering can be a somewhat mindless task that you can multi-task around. Crank up the music, and put on something nostalgic or upbeat that helps you relax. Simple Lion Heart Life magazine suggests finding a style that works for you.


Think Of It As Making A New Closet

If you let yourself believe this, it will come true. Tossing out clothes or reorganizing your closet will leave you with relatively new outfits. You can also rearrange your closet according to different categories.

Be creative. Your organization can be something as basic as color coordination. It could be need-based or it could be something as fun as different holiday themes and mood-based closet arrangements.


Keep Your Clothes Clean And In Mint Condition

Blue clothes being washed at a professional cleaning service


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