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4 Laundry Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Garments

4 Laundry Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Garments

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6 Jun

4 Laundry Mistakes That Are Ruining Your Garments

You might think that saving a few extra dollars by doing your laundry yourself is a great idea. It’s really not if your wardrobe is suffering from it, and so is your washer.

You might be making many laundry mistakes that are ruining your clothes and then blaming the fading, ripping or staining on the detergent. Haven’t you had bouts of frustration over one stubborn stain that refuses to go even after several washes? Sometimes bleaching and scrubbing are not the solutions you need.

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No matter how particular you are about your laundry, there’s a visible difference in results when you get it done professionally.

Here are 4 laundry mistakes that you might be making.

Using The Machine Incorrectly

Don’t you always toss away the manual to new machinery or shove it under the couch before pushing the ‘start’ button? That’s because the idea of reading a manual doesn’t occur to you until you run into a problem.

Those who use a 24-hour DIY laundry service often ignore the instructions and continue using it the wrong way. You might not know how much water or type of detergent is suitable for the washer. You assume that it functions like the washer at home and ruin your own garments by using it incorrectly.

Stain Pain

With a regular washer, there’s no option of spot treatment for tough stains. If you throw in a garment with wine stains or coffee spills, it’s quite likely that they won’t come off completely. You might try home remedies for treating stains before laundry but it takes extra effort and doesn’t guarantee results. With a professional service, you can rest assured that the staff will remove the stains completely.

Drying The Wrong Way

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If you’re in a hurry to dry a heap of wet laundry, you might shove them in the dryer all at once. Not only does it compromise results and increase drying time but also affects the machine and your clothes. People assume that the dryer works exactly like the washer while it actually doesn’t. You need to be more patient with drying if you do it yourself—and then of course, iron it yourself too!

Too Much Bleach

Ever since color-safe bleaches hit the market, people have emptied entire bottles in a laundry load, thinking it’s safe. This might be because you don’t want any stains remaining on your clothes or just don’t have the time to use small quantities and put in more hard work. Even professional dry cleaners advise not to use generous amounts of bleach on your clothes because of its health risks. We use state-of-the-art equipment to treat stains instead to ensure all stains are removed.

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