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3 Ways to Store Clothes Safely

3 Ways to Store Clothes Safely

inventory system to store clothes
3 Mar

3 Ways to Store Clothes Safely

Almost every year the demand for fashionable clothes is increasing quite drastically. According to a report, in the last 15 years, the production of clothes has doubled.

Indeed, fashion trends change every after few years, but still, there are some clothes which you can reuse. It could be socks, scarves, mufflers, or sweaters. These clothes also last longer if you store them properly.

Storing your clothes enables you to save money, time, and energy. The whole process includes proper cleaning, packing, and storing clothes.

Through this process, you can increase your clothes’ lifespan so that you or someone else can use them again. Here are some tips to learn effective ways to store clothes safely;

1.   Bug-Free Garments with Pleasant Smell Are the Clean Ones

To be honest, the smell of mothballs is awful, but fortunately, they are not the only option to keep bugs out. Keeping clothes in good condition is challenging; it includes proper cleaning, folding, and hanging.

So, what’s the trick to keeping garments smelling good and clean? Let’s start by not throwing them in a storage bin for days. There’s a huge possibility that bugs like moths will damage your clothes. Studies show that a female moth can lay approximately 40 to 50 eggs within 15 to 20 days. Next time before leaving dirty clothes in storage, think about the bugs that could end up eating away at your favorite sweaters.

Moreover, plastic bags are not good for clothes; they can accumulate an excessive amount of moisture. You can always use bags made of fabrics but make sure they are clean too.

Smell your clothes matters too, so don’t wear any one item for weeks, especially without washing them properly. Sometimes a clothing steamer can do the trick; it can freshen your clothes with a pleasant smell. Or you can simply hire a cost-efficient dry cleaning service provider like Imperial Valet.

2.   Create an Inventory System for Safe Storage

An inventory system is important for you to keep your wardrobe organized. Through an inventory, you can access your clothes easily. You can start by arranging clothes according to their color and make a sheet to coordinate with each item. This way, you will know the exact place of each item.

However, once you have this setup, your clothes will last longer, and instead of discarding them, you can lend them to others.

3.   Eliminate Sunlight & Store Clothes in Dry & Dark Place

Remember, always store your clothes in a cool, dark, and dry place because sunlight and a moist environment can damage them. Some people prefer attics or garages for storage purposes, but these places are vulnerable to extreme temperatures. Hence, an extreme and harsh environment will damage clothes and fade their colors.

A climate-controlled unit is among the best options to store clothes safely. Here you can control the climate and keep it at a consistent temperature and humidity. When you reuse clothes from the unit, they will be fresh as new and free from any damage.

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Sounds a Bit Hectic? Hire an Expert

Storing clothes involves cleaning before and after storing, keeping bugs out, and many more hectic chores every season. It all sounds challenging and hectic. Not everyone has the time and money to store clothes safely. Luckily, we at Imperial Valet can assist you and ease your burden.

We have been offering dry cleaning, laundry pick and drop, commercial laundry, and many other services in DC for the past 80 years.

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