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3 Tips and Tricks for Making Your Shoes Last Longer

3 Tips and Tricks for Making Your Shoes Last Longer

3 Mar

3 Tips and Tricks for Making Your Shoes Last Longer

Are you looking for effective strategies to make your shoes last longer and save money? Well, proper care for shoes makes them sustainable and durable for a long time. Unlike clothes, you can always fit in shoes that you might have bought a few years ago, no matter how much weight you put on or lose.

There’s a variety of timeless classic shoes that never run out of fashion, and you can use the same pair with different outfits. There is no need to buy a new pair of shoes for a new dress unless you’re a celebrity!

Rather than purchasing a new pair of shoes, a better idea is to reach out to shoe repair experts in DC and cleaning, and it can save plenty of money. But how? There are three helpful tips and tricks for making shoes last longer;

1. Use Shoe Cleaning Kit Instead of Washing Machine

According to research, by the end of 2024 the footwear and leather repair industry will grow to $380 million in the U.S. Due to our busy lifestyles, some of us just toss our shoes into the washing machine. This isn’t the best practice nor good for your shoes.

The first span to increasing the lifespan of your shoes is to avoid tossing them in the washing machine. Instead, invest in a shoe cleanings kit to get rid of light stains and dirt. But make sure you clean them off as soon as you notice the stain to avoid the risks of permanent damage. 

2. Shoe Care Routine-Regular Intervals

According to a research study, manufacturing a single pair of shoes can produce up to 30 pounds of carbon dioxide. Similarly, the chemicals present in cleaning solutions also contain VOCs that are released into the environment upon use. The items or products you buy to clean shoes depends on their material, so do some research first. To save time and money, you can always hire a professional shoe repair service provider.

3. For Shiny Looks- Don’t Forget to Dry Out Boots

Moisture can damage your shoes, so make sure you let them dry naturally before use. You can dry them in open-air or with a low heat boot dryer. A boot dryer is a handy accessory that instantly dries your shoes without any damage.

Some people use a washing machine, dryer systems, or even microwave to dry their shoes; never make this mistake. Doing so will only damage your shoes beyong repair.

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Connect with Expert Shoe Repair in DC

As the world is digitally transforming, people are busier with their daily routines. Not everyone has the time to maintain shoes with proper care. So, to save money, time, and energy, the convenient option is to hire an expert like Imperial Valet.

Special treatment, complicated repairs, or special machinery, we Imperial Valet are the go-to shoe repair and care experts. All shoe care services are available at reasonable prices with free pick and drop services.

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