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10 Ways To Keep Your Clothes Brighter And Whiter

10 Ways To Keep Your Clothes Brighter And Whiter

3 Mar

10 Ways To Keep Your Clothes Brighter And Whiter


A piece of your heart dies when you put your favorite shirt to rest. It’s dull and torn surface has witnessed the thick and thin of life with you, but demise is unavoidable in cases like these.

With use and excessive washing your clothes lose their color and brightness, but you can avoid this and restore its glory in a few simple ways.

Let’s start with the basics.

Reduce Washing

You can’t stop washing your clothes, but reducing the frequency of washing can restore their shine and glory. In order to reduce the washing cycle you need to make sure that your clothes don’t get dirty. So, avoid sitting in dust traps or wet areas that damage your clothes.

Wardrobe Rotation

This advice is easy to follow as it’s against every fashion rule to wear the same dress twice in a row. This provides adequate time for the fabric to rest and restore to its original position. Doing so, you prevent sweat bacteria from building up on your clothes.

Try Hand Washing

So, this might be a stretch and tedious task, but is essential if you want to save your precious wardrobe. Hand washing is easier on the fabric and provides the liberty of individually treating a stain. Well, you possibly can’t wash the entire laundry by hand, but you can definitely wash the dedicates, dark, and your favorite pieces.

Less DetergentPicture2

Over-use of detergent will not only damage your clothes, but will also leave your washing machine prone to breakdowns. Read the directions on your detergent before you fill the washer.

Say No To Fabric Softeners

Fabric softener provides a soft gloss touch to your clothes, but it also transforms your clothes into dust and lint catching surfaces. The chemicals make your clothes water resistant which restrict the absorption of sweat and water. This increases the accumulation of bacteria and also makes your clothes susceptible to early wear and tear.

Make Room In Your Washer

By overloading your washing machines, you limit the room for effective cleaning. In addition to this, bras and stocking tangle with the load and cause damage. You can avoid this by investing in a mesh bag for your delicates and making room for clothes in the washer.

Line Dry

Using a dryer is much easier and effective, but it damages the clothes with lint accumulation. Therefore, line-dry your clothes after wash, keeping them protected from direct sun exposure.

Sort Your Laundry

The first rule of effective laundry is to separate the whites. Apart from color based sorting you can also sort according to material and intensity of stains . This will enable you to customize the wash for each batch.

Prevent Color From Fading

You can stop your clothes from DE-coloring by turning them inside out before loading them in the washer. When you line-dry your clothes, make sure they are not exposed directly to the sun.

Take It To The ProfessionalsPicture3

There are certain stains and outfits that require expert opinion and experimenting on them can cost you an expensive dress.

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