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The Ultimate Guide to Tailored Pants – For Men

The Ultimate Guide to Tailored Pants – For Men

tailored pants
3 Mar

The Ultimate Guide to Tailored Pants – For Men

The fit of your attire is what brings the entire look together.

You could have the most stylish design—but if the sleeve caps fall off your shoulder, it’s going to look sloppy.

Tailored garments require more time and are expensive; however it allows you to achieve the desired result.

Ready to suit up in style? Here’s what you can do:


It is very easy to fix the length of trousers. It’s an inexpensive alteration. Some brands of trousers come with unfinished hems, in order to give you the freedom to decide the optimal pant length of your liking.

This way, you can take advantage of either what suits you or simply alter it according to the latest fashion trends.

Waist size

Don’t suffocate yourself, walking around in trousers that are too tight on your waist. On the other hand, don’t attempt to hold up a pair of pants with a belt when you know they are simply too loose for you.

This can be fixed! Make sure when your tailor makes changes to the waistband, he alters the seat of your pants. For example, if excess fabric is not removed from the seat of the pants when tightening the waist, you will not get a clean finishing.

Making a chic statement

For the past few years, suspenders are back in style.  It is a great way to make a chic statement with your stylistic choices.

They give a lean look, creating the illusion of an elongated torso, which is ideal for men under 5’5”.

Suspenders can be added through alterations or simply with the use of clip-on suspenders. Your tailor can sew suspenders on to the inside of your waistband. It will not be visible from the outside of your pants.

Removing pleats: Renew your trousers

An old suit with pleated pants can now be renewed and put to use.

Revive it by converting them to flat-front trousers. Your tailor will have to remove the excess fabric, giving it a fitted overall look. This is more challenging.

Imperial Valet Service Inc is the one stop source for all your dry cleaning and alterations DC needs. Our dry cleaning services are fast, effective, and affordable—with no item too complicated for our team of experts to take on.

Our tailoring services include alterations, which comprises lengthening or shortening hems, removal of pockets, pleats, or vents, replacing cuffs and collars, or taking in the clothing by a few inches. Leave it to the professional dry cleaning services DC; we’ve got you covered!

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