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Is Taking Your Wedding Gown to the Cleaners Safe? 3 Questions to Ask

Is Taking Your Wedding Gown to the Cleaners Safe? 3 Questions to Ask

Image showing Wedding gown preservation service dc
5 May

Is Taking Your Wedding Gown to the Cleaners Safe? 3 Questions to Ask

Your vow renewal is just a few weeks away; the perfect menu has been chosen for the event; you’ve chosen the most beautiful flowers for your ceremony. But there’s this one thing you’ve forgotten, and that’s getting your wedding gown cleaned.

Before you hand out your gorgeous wedding dress to just any dry cleaner, keep in mind that dry cleaning a wedding dress isn’t the same as dry cleaning everyday clothes. The procedure is a bit different and it requires a lot of skill, due to the delicate fabric of the dress.

Image showing Wedding gown preservation service dc

Unfortunately, there are many dry cleaners that don’t possess the skills necessary for such a job. A dry cleaner with no experience in wedding dress dry cleaning might end up leaving your dress completely ruined, weeks before your big day.

However, there are a few questions that you can ask the dry cleaning company before you hand over your dress. The answers to these questions will allow you to pick the best services. This will give you complete peace of mind, as you hand them the dress for your big day.

What chemicals and processes will be used for the cleaning?

This is probably the most important question. Because of the delicate material and fabric used in most wedding dresses, it’s vital to distance yourself from the services of companies which use unsafe chemicals, like PERC, for cleaning the dress.

Such chemicals are known to have detrimental effects on delicate fabrics. Great dry cleaning companies don’t use such chemicals.

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Will the wedding dress be ironed?

The wedding dress needs to be steam-ironed in order to keep it wrinkle and crease-free. Moreover, using high heat for the ironing might end up harming the dress or risk burning your dress.

A proper professional knows all the tricks and techniques to iron out your wedding dress without harming it.

Are your employees qualified to handle wedding dress dry cleaning?

A reputable dry cleaner knows that it takes more than just proper cleaning techniques to handle this job; it also relies heavily on its employees. The dry cleaners shouldn’t only be knowledgeable about the appropriate techniques to use for each type of fabric, they must also know which detergents or cleaning solutions can be used for certain fabrics.

Searching for the best wedding gown cleaning service dc? Imperial Valet Sterling Cleaners can help you in this quest. We have decades’ worth of experience in dealing with dry cleaning services, particularly wedding dress cleaning. Contact us to learn more.

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