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Running Late? Laundry Drop-Off Services To the Rescue!

Running Late? Laundry Drop-Off Services To the Rescue!

Laundry Drop-Off Services
12 Dec

Running Late? Laundry Drop-Off Services To the Rescue!

You’re working 10 hours a day. Add to that 2 hours of commute. An unused gym membership card. Takeout. That’s your life. *Sigh*

All you want to do when you get home is Netflix.

If you are starting to see a big pile of laundry collecting, why not take advantage of convenient free laundry pickup and delivery service.

People have started relying on the professional laundry service now days. The sheer pleasure of having extra time on hand while having your laundry picked up at your convenience—it’s just as easy as it sounds! And frankly, you deserve it!

Save You Time: Your time is precious and adding laundry to the list of chores can add up to stress! Often families have to put rounds of multiple loads which can be time consuming and mundane task. Dropping your laundry off saves you from all that. You get clean, fresh laundry on the same day!

Professional Cleaning: Certain stains call for professional assistance. Even the most advanced Laundromats struggle to remove stubborn stains. By dropping off your laundry, you can rest assure that you will get your laundry back stain and wrinkle free!

Cost Effective: Buying washing machine and dryers can cost you more compared to the laundry service. Along with the cost of machines add up the amount that will cost you for water, electricity for each load and detergent! For a fraction of all that cost you get professional cleaning and ironing, with clothes folded up nicely. Definitely a better option!

Convenient Than Washing At Home

Convenient Than Washing At Home: With professional laundry service, you don’t have to worry about putting that next round of laundry, followed with drying, ironing and eventually folding! You can avoid all that hassle by dropping your laundry off in the hands of pros and enjoy your time doing something more important.

Don’t let laundry become a time-wasting chore! Register with Imperial Valet Service Inc and schedule your weekly laundry pickup and delivery DC right at your doorstep!

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