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Reasons You Should Get Your Wedding Dress Restored Today!

Reasons You Should Get Your Wedding Dress Restored Today!

Wedding gown alteration service dc
12 Dec

Reasons You Should Get Your Wedding Dress Restored Today!

A wedding dress is the most important—and probably the priciest—purchase of your entire wedding shopping endeavor. It’s a dress you wear once in a lifetime, but hold on to in your memories for decades.

This is why laundry services offer to help you restore your wedding dress. Restoring not only preserves it in an immaculate condition, but also makes sure it stays with you for a long time.

Here are some reasons why you need to get yours restored:


Wedding dresses hold a special place in our hearts. You wear it the day you embark upon a new journey with the person you love the most.

Brides put in a lot of time and effort into getting the right shade of pearl-white, choosing embellishments they like, and picking a design that fits them well.

There are multiple trials, frequent visits to the designer, and lots and lots of brainstorming! This entire struggle is worth it, though, because of the sentimental value the dress holds.

If the dress is preserved in a pristine condition, you can even pass it on to your daughter—or even your granddaughter—someday! Vintage gowns never go out of fashion; old items always become trendy again at some point. Preserve it today so you can show it to your kids in the future.

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To remove staining

For a lot of us, our weddings can get a little… wild. We let loose, treat ourselves to as many drinks as we want, dance the night away—the works!

In cases like these, it’s normal to come home and notice stains on the dress. Maybe it was your mother’s lipstick when she tried to embrace you, maybe you spilled a bit of red wine, or maybe someone’s makeup left a smear when you hugged them.

Ordinary stains like these are no reason for you to not enjoy the day! Professional dress restoration will get rid of all the stains, greasy smears, and lipstick imprints!

No matter how tough a stain is, it can be lightened, treated, and removed altogether! Not only will this make your dress look spotless but also bright and brand new!

Whether it’s a brand new designer dress with intricate embellishments or a hand-me-down dress that has been running in the family for years, Imperial Valet Sterling Cleaners is your go-to laundry service.

We offer free pick and drop in the Washington Metropolitan Area – DC and ensure 100% safety of your precious dress. Get in touch now.

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