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Leather Care 101: Removing Mold from Your Leather Garments

Leather Care 101: Removing Mold from Your Leather Garments

9 Sep

Leather Care 101: Removing Mold from Your Leather Garments

 Leather Garments

Fall season is fast approaching and before you know it, the cold, wintry nights are going to be here. Get your leather jackets out of storage; air them out and pair them with your everyday outfit.

If you notice any discoloration or weird texture on the leather fabric, check your wardrobe for moisture and wall satins. The mildew in the walls can cause the clothes to dampen, smell funky or in this case, cause mold and fungus to grow in the leather jacket.

Follow the tips mentioned below and get your leather garments mold-free.  

Outdoor Cleaning Setup

Before attempting to clean leather, setup your workstation. Mold is tricky and spreads around the house. To protect your things, start the cleaning process out in the sun. Brush away the spores on leather with a soft bristle brush.

Make sure you clean out the wardrobe and inspect other items. The plastic or cardboard packaging needs to be discarded and the fabric covering the leather must be washed in hot water and air dried to kill all possible mold spores.

The Wonders of Leather Saddle Soap

A special leather saddle soap is used to clean leather. It needs to be diluted with water and then applied with a clean washcloth.

After it has been cleaned and the soap wiped, hang the leather out to air dry. Don’t leave it in direct sunlight or heat. Drape it over a sturdy cloth lining inside your house and switch on a fan to speed up the process.

Put an End to Mold Spores

The mold spores can cause allergic reactions and breathing issues, if inhaled. You can kill them by wiping the mold spores with a rubbing alcohol, water and white vinegar concoction.

Take equal parts rubbing alcohol and cold water and add a few vinegar drops. Dip a clean washcloth in the mixture and clean the leather garment. Leave it to dry once again.

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Condition and Moisturize

Once your leather garment is mold free and dry, condition the leather fabric. The natural oils in leather need to be replenished otherwise the surface might crack and leather might start to peel. Special leather conditioners are used to moisturize the garment and bring back the shine.

Professional Leather Cleaning Service

A professional leather cleaning service will have expert knowledge on how to deal with all the issues related to leather garments.

Contact Imperial Valet for expert leather and suede care. Forgo the leather cleaning yourself and let our team of specialists provide you with the best dry cleaning, leather care and free laundry pickup and delivery service in DC.

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