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Here’s Why You Need a Shoe Repair Service

Here’s Why You Need a Shoe Repair Service

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10 Oct

Here’s Why You Need a Shoe Repair Service

Footwear isn’t just about the looks; it’s about how you feel when you walk. We may ignore it, but the right footwear is significant for a good walk, right posture and impressive presentation.

Whether it’s a pair of formal shoes, loafers, or boots, its lifespan diminishes with the usage. A large number of shoes get thrown away every year—over 300 million to be exact—because they wear out and people don’t get them restored or repaired.

Many people don’t realize that a professional shoe repair service can keep them from abandoning their best-loved pair of shoes.

An Environment Friendly Choice

Millions of shoes end up in land refills every year, according to the U.S. Department of the Interior. These shoes take no less than thirty to forty years to decompose, which further emphasizes why it’s better to get your shoes repaired. Additionally, it’s very difficult to recycle shoe waste as they are made from different materials. By getting your shoe repaired from a professional, you’re not only getting your favorite shoe back, but also reducing your carbon footprint.

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Shoe Repair – You’ll Save More Money

You may not have noticed until now, but you could be spending a large part of your income on purchasing new shoes.

You can save by simply hiring a shoe repair service for minor wear and tear in your shoes. According to research, the average cost of shoe repair is significantly less than getting a new pair of shoes. You can preserve that expenditure by simply hiring a shoe repair service for minor wear and tear in your shoes.

Your Shoes Will Last a Lifetime

A reliable shoe repair service will extend your shoe life for another few years—not just months. They use specialized and top-quality products and offer preventive care that you cannot at home.

Looking for a long lasting and top-quality shoe repair in DC? Get in touch with us. In addition to providing the best dry cleaning services in DC, Imperial Valet Services also provides shoe repair and shine services.

From shoe stitching to coating, we’ll take care of everything.  Call (202) 785-1444 for more details.

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