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What Type Of Clothes Should You Always Send To The Dry Cleaners?

What Type Of Clothes Should You Always Send To The Dry Cleaners?

10 Oct

What Type Of Clothes Should You Always Send To The Dry Cleaners?


Always check the label stitched inside of your clothing to know the correct washing instructions to preserve the quality and fitting of your garments.

If it clearly states ‘dry-clean only’, don’t be a daredevil and try the dip-and-dry method at home. This will only serve to ruin your precious clothes. With proper care and washing techniques, your clothes should last you a long time.

Let’s discover the types of clothing and materials that must be sent to the dry cleaners for a professional cleaning service.

Sequined and Embellished

Grab your sequined tops and embellished pants and keep them away from the laundry room at your home.

The delicate details of beads, sequins, and metal studs will get ruined if they are chucked into a washing machine to tumble and dry.

Silk That Bleeds Color

The silk fabric is a luxurious material that must be treated with care. Most silk clothes can be hand-washed at home, but dark-colored silk can bleed and transfer to other clothes and even surfaces.

Do a patch test at home by wetting a white paper towel and pressing it on the dark-colored silk. If the color transfers, then take it to the dry cleaner.

Wool Suits

You can’t keep wearing the same wool suit over and over again without washing it. Spot-cleaning won’t last you a lifetime. Get your wool suits and jackets dry cleaned and pressed professionally for that extra crisp look.

Pleated Panels

If you have a pleated dress with folds running in the front and the back, you need to send it to the dry cleaners. They will be able to maintain those pleats and folds using their industrial machines to preserve the quality and appearance of the dress.

Wine Stained Clothes

We recommend sending your heavily stained clothes to the dry cleaners. If you have a red wine-stained shirt, it is likely that DIY remedies will ruin the quality of the material when you aggressively scrub to remove the red stains.

Professional dry cleaners have powerful detergents and stain removal solvents that are designed to remove msot stains.

Fragile Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials like chiffon and rayon are likely to shrink and lose shape if exposed to hot water. It is better to send them for a professional dry cleaning rather than subjecting them to a hand or machine wash.

Clothes That Have Inner Lining

Your jackets, shirts, and dresses that have an inner-lining should not be washed at home. The garment lining may break apart and lose shape if washed in the vigorous machine cycle.

Leather and Suede Jackets

Leather and suede materials require professional attention to maintain their upkeep. Send these garments to a dry cleaning service that specialize in handling materials that are likely to shrivel, crack and break apart without the proper washing technique.


Let The Professionals Handle It!

Contact Imperial Valet for expert dry-cleaning and pressing services. Protect the delicate material of your clothes and let our team of specialists provide you with the best leather and suede cleaning and free dry cleaning pickup and delivery in Washington DC.

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