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Common Laundry Mistakes Everyone Makes

Common Laundry Mistakes Everyone Makes

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1 Jan

Common Laundry Mistakes Everyone Makes

Tossing our clothes in the laundry is something most of us have been doing for years but some of our old habits end up damaging our fabrics.

Here are some common laundry mistakes you’re making and how to avoid them.

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Using Excess Detergent

Excessive amounts of detergent stick to the dirt released from clothes and might get stuck under the collar or in the jeans pocket leading to a buildup of bacteria.

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Vigorously Rubbing Stains

Rubbing the stains furiously wears away the fabric. The trick is to be gentle and treat the stains as soon as possible to prevent it from spreading and allowing the stains to set deeper into the clothes. Push against the stains and try to soak them up. Also, use a white cloth while cleaning to prevent a color transfer.

Not Sorting Clothes Properly

Clothes aren’t just meant to be sorted into whites and darks. If you want your laundry to come out fresher, sort dirty and muddy clothes together and not with those that are lightly soiled. Sort the heavy fabrics (e.g. denim) from those that are not so abrasive. Mix smaller items such as undergarments with large bed sheets to prevent twisting. These simple steps will ease the burden on your laundry.

Close Zippers and Not Buttons

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The zipper’s metallic teeth can put scratches on the inside of the washer as well as snag against other articles and possibly cause them to rip. Shirts should be unbuttoned; they can rip the buttonholes or cause the buttons to break. The same can happen to cuff and collar buttons.

Don’t Wash “Dry-Clean” Items

It’s better to keep dry clean clothes away from the washer. For items with natural fibers like silks and linens, it’s safer to hand wash and air dry them but washing others such as leather, suede, blazers, and suits can spell disaster.

Don’t Forget to Clean the Hose and Filter

It is necessary to empty the lint filter because a buildup of lint clogs the duct and becomes a fire hazard. Equally important is the hose and filter cleaning. Use a toothbrush dipped in detergent and scrub the filter before air drying it. For the hose, disconnect it from the back of the dryer and push out the lingering lint.

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If you think you’ve mastered the art of laundry washing and still commit some of these mistakes, then there are a few things still left to learn.

If, however, laundry is not your thing or there are other commits keeping you busy, our dry cleaning services in Washington is just the one for you. We also offer pick and drop services and our high-quality cleaning will surely leave you as one happy customer! Contact us today!



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