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Can Dry Cleaning Make My Clothes Last Longer?

Can Dry Cleaning Make My Clothes Last Longer?

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12 Dec

Can Dry Cleaning Make My Clothes Last Longer?

Dry cleaning does everything a normal commercial washing machine does: it removes stains, spills, makeup smears, oils, impurities, and odors. From rugs and carpets to wedding dresses and uniforms—anything and everything can be dry cleaned!

However, there is an additional benefit that puts it a step ahead: it ensures that your clothes last longer compared to wet washing.

Here’s all you need to know about dry cleaning and its benefits:

It’s less abrasive

If your clothes are made of delicate fabric or are expensive, dry cleaning definitely makes sense.

Since there is no use of water and no rinsing, the clothes experience less wear and tear. As a part of the process, the clothes are placed in a dry cleaning drum that tumbles gently—without being too harsh on the fabric.

Even the heat is mild compared to commercial washing machines. If your clothes are made of fabric that’s sensitive to water immersion or extreme temperatures, dry cleaning works as a better option.

Professional dry cleaners pay extra attention to detail. They will remove any embellishments that could get damaged or ruined before the process starts. They will also use dry cleaning solutions that work well for that specific fabric.

On the other hand, you won’t have the prerequisite knowledge about abrasive and non-abrasive cleaning solutions if you’re doing the deed on your own.

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Dry cleaning prevents shrinkages

One of the saddest things that can ever happen to you is putting on an expensive sweatshirt, only to realize that it doesn’t fit you anymore—despite you not having gained any weight.

This happens because certain fabrics shrink after they’re washed. Different types of fabrics react differently. If a fabric has loose weaves, it’ll shrink and stretch more when exposed to water or heat. Natural fibers like cotton have more stretch compared to polyester and nylon and shrink more.

Shrinkage is a common machine-induced damage. Professional dry cleaners are aware of the special considerations that various fabrics mandate and how such damage can be prevented.

They use a lower heat setting for fabrics that are more prone to shrinkage. Garments also shrink when you use hot water to wash them. With dry cleaning, this step can be eliminated and your clothes will stay with you longer!

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