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A Beginners Guide to Laundry Cleaning

A Beginners Guide to Laundry Cleaning

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2 Feb

A Beginners Guide to Laundry Cleaning

Is it your first time doing your own laundry? We know it can be intimidating. No one wants to have shrunken cardigans and pink—formerly white—socks on their hands!

To make your first experience with doing laundry a happy and joyful moment, we’ve prepared the ultimate guide to laundry cleaning.

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Follow these steps to ensure that you have a fresh, clean stack of clothing after a wash.

Sort Out Your Clothes

First things first, make sure you separate your dirty clothes into different piles depending on their color and material. Mixing different colors and materials together in a wash can damage clothes.

Set The Right Temperature

Setting the right water temperature for clothing items is a must when doing laundry. Delicate pieces should go together in lukewarm water with a short washing cycle. It’s generally preferable to wash dark shades with cold water to prevent the color from fading. Lastly, warm water can be used for items like towels and sheets.

Keep The Load Light

To get a proper wash, your clothes need to be able to move around. It’s important to keep the load of clothes in your washing machine light enough to allow for mobility.

Read The Labels

Before you put your clothes in the machine for a wash, don’t forget to read the labels on them. Many clothes require dry cleaning, while others call for a light hand. To prevent your clothes from getting damaged, you should follow the instructions on the labels carefully.

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Use Detergent And Softener

When choosing a detergent, don’t just grab the cheapest one. Select a detergent that suits your laundry needs. A liquid detergent is good for clothes that are heavily stained. They generally have active enzymes in the formula and are also good for pre-treating stains before washing. On the other hand, while powdered detergents may leave residue on your clothes, they are good to use on your everyday clothes.

Dry Appropriately

Drying clothes is a much more complicated process than you might think. The way you dry your clothes can determine their fate. While most clothes can be dried in an electric dryer, some clothes can get heavily damaged in one, plus cause a safety hazard. You should air-dry items made out of velvet, leather, faux fur, suede, and similar materials. Whereas, clothes made out of cotton, denim, linen, and others are good to go in a dryer.

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