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7 Tips To Keep Your Suits Nice And Crisp

7 Tips To Keep Your Suits Nice And Crisp

7 Tips To Keep Your Suits Nice And Crisp


Your wardrobe is incomplete without a suit. Whether it’s a wedding or a job interview, your suit will never fail you. And if you end up pairing your suit with a matching tie, there is nothing in this world that can stop you from making an impression.

A sleek suit can last for five years with proper care and maintenance. But negligence leads to early retirement for many suits. Here are a few tips to make your suits nice and crisp for a long time.

Tip 1: Read The Label

These labels are usually sewn inside the collar of your jacket or your waistband. They provide you with information regarding material and maintenance.

Tip 2: Steam Away The Wrinkles

You may end up losing some fashion points if you wear a wrinkled suit. If your go-to move is to place a hot iron on the wrinkled area, then stop. You can damage the delicate material of your jacket and trousers.

Instead, use a hot steamer. They provide sufficient steam to iron out your suit without damaging the material. This will keep your suit from premature aging.

Tip 3: Let It Hang

Your suit requires your special attention and a personal accommodation. Avoid folding or throwing them in the corner of your closet. Invest in a quality wooden hanger to provide proper shape to your suit while it safely ha


ngs in your closet.

Tip 4: It’s Not A Hit Until It’s A Perfect Fit

Are you aware of the uncomfortable feeling of wearing one size too small?

If the size is too small, the material stretches. This stretching of fabric may even result in a

tear. Invest in a suit that is perfect for your body type.

Tip 5: Bag It

A suit puts in a lot of hard work to make you look good. The least you can do, is provide it comfort and protection while it rests.

Complement the wooden hanger with a garment bag. This will prevent dirt, dust, and debris from accumulating, and provide proper ventilation to your suit. In addition to this, it will protect your suit from spills and dirt when you carry it around during travel or events.

Tip 6: Taking Of The Jacket

Be careful when you take off your jacket. Don’t fold it and toss it in the corner. Hang it on the back of a chair or a hanger (If available). Make sure the surface is clean before hanging your jacket. This will prevent your jacket from getting damaged or dirty.

Tip 7: Dry Cleaning Picture3

Imperial Valet provides proper cleaning for your suits, ensuring that the material does not lose its vibrancy. We can pick and drop your suit from any location in DC Metropolitan. All you have to do is give us a call (202) 785-1444.

Some items are dry clean only; make sure to send them for a proper cleaning at least once a month. Avoid wearing the same suit. This will limit dirt and dust accumulation. Moreover, a dry-cleaning schedule will depend heavily on your usage pattern. If it’s getting dirty, send it for professional cleaning.

Until we clean your suit, learn the basic suit wearing etiquettes to take your look to the next-level.

  • Don’t button the bottom button of your jacket.
  • Top button of the shirt should always be buttoned.
  • The cuffs of your shirt should only reach the beginning of your thumb. Make sure they fit nicely around your wrist.
  • The shoulder of your jacket should hang firmly on your shoulder.
  • The trousers should fit you perfectly; they should sit nicely on top of your shoes.
  • Your belt should match your shoes.
  • Your shoes should match the suit.
  • The tie should end just above your belt.
  • Waistcoats should always end at your belt.
  • Ties should be darker than your shirt.
  • When you wear braces, don’t wear a belt.

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